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Monetize Youtube Channel

Basically, marketing is a game of attention. When viewers changed from TV to video-based platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, the video marketing industry was not far behind. It quickly found solutions for those platforms.

Over the past few years, there has been the main trend in content creators taking more control over their marketing. So, how do you, as a content creator, monetize youtube channel? What are your real options? What is the useful information you need to know in order to make the best next move? Below, we take a look at three key areas, with a particular focus on YouTube and Twitch, and how you can monetize YouTube channels. 

Show Revenue

Monetizing your channel through ad revenue is a key strategy and the most well-known method. Both YouTube and Twitch have quantifiable ways for you to monetize youtube channel ads shown on your channel (see more below). But, there is much more to monetizing your channel through ad revenue than that.

Advertiser-Friendly Content

A couple of years ago, YouTube made some major changes to its algorithm, and therefore the way it served ads. After this flip, many content creators experienced getting down in ad revenue, and some even had content demonetized because it wasn’t “Advertiser-Friendly.”

Embrace Long Content

As part of YouTube’s old privacy & policy, your youtube channel would have only needed ten thousand lifetime video views in order to qualify for monetizing YouTube channel.

YouTube rate viewing time overview count because, as a video platform, it wants to keep lots of users engaging with it for as long as possible. This means that video view time is also more important to you as a content creator because longer videos mean more ads per video.

It isn’t easy to make potential viewers watch a 15-second ad when the content that follows will only be 60 seconds long itself, and so making your videos longer avoids the problems of short-form content. Nowadays, it is not unusual for long-form content to contain multiple adverts. This is comparable to commercial breaks on television, which is a way for you (and YouTube) to generate more revenue.

Reach Out To Other Audiences

A common practice among Twitch streamers is to edit their live-streams to link gameplay highlights into compilation videos, and then repost them to other channels (notably YouTube Gaming or Facebook Gaming). If you’re a streamer, this is a relatively easy and reliable way of generating extra ad revenue – by reaching a non-Twitch audience.


Sponsorship deals are revered, and there are a lot of expectations that revolve around them. the sponsorship you can have, however, upon certain variables. If you are thinking about monetizing your channel via sponsorships, there are several things to consider and help monetize youtube channel.

What Sponsorships Really Are

Basically, If you maintain a sponsorship it means that you will get paid by cooperating with sellers in order to promote their products on your channel. Even then sponsorships are seen by some content creators as an endgame in and of themselves, not only large channels end up making sponsorship deals. Sometimes, micro-influencers – with subscribers even in the 1,000s range – can be approached by a larger brand or a marketing company.

What Sponsorships Are Not

Being sponsored also doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a large, reliable monthly paycheck. It is common for companies to pay you simply for a tweet about their product/service, or a certain number of mentions of their product/service in a given format. The amount of revenue you will receive depends on qualitative factors, such as who your audience is, and the current state of the market, as well as the crucial metrics.

Balance Your Content

One way to monetize youtube channel is through the use of quality sponsored content that is relevant to your audience. Bear in mind that there is a difference between high-quality sponsored content and ads. Good content is typically more impactful and offers people a good experience on your channel.

Now Is The Time

It is often easier to offer incentives with Twitch. You can ask more youtube revenue with a much smaller viewership (for now – get in on the ground floor), and, while it might come as no surprise that the most common sponsors come from the gaming industry, other types of brands are partnering with Twitch creators to form influencer marketing campaigns at an ever-increasing rate and monetize youtube channel.

Affiliate/Partner Program

In a similar way to YouTube, Twitch allows content creators to monetize their channels through partner programs. The first, and generally more attainable, is the Affiliate Program, for which you are eligible to join if you meet. The exclusive Twitch Partner program, however, is aimed at the platform’s top streamers. Though you can submit a request for consideration, you are normally only invited to become a partner.

Twitch doesn’t publish the selection criteria for the Partner program. However, the platform does offer a general list for evaluation content, average concurrent viewership, and stream frequency and schedule and monetize youtube channel.

 Influencer Marketing

At the last, the best decisions are made using the best available data, and in a game of attention, it pays to have the right tools at your disposal. One of the most passable ways in which content creators are taking more control over their video marketing is via influencers  which is where Matchmade comes in.

Influencers and marketers have a symbiotic relationship, and Matchmade is there to bring them together and monetize the youtube channel. Besides monetizing youtube channel you can buy youtube subscribers, likes, views

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