How custom pens benefit small businesses

How Custom Pens Benefit Small Businesses


Custom Pens! No matter what the stature of your business is, the sooner you recognize the value of advertising the better. Sure, hiring marketing companies to take care of all the advertising is an effective option which you could go for, but it is going to cost you a lot of money. Now large corporations have deep pockets and might be able to afford to hire a marketing company, but small businesses simply cannot do that.

Now, what do you do if you’re a small business owner? The answer is plain and simple. Custom Promotional Products. Custom promotional products can complement or even replace traditional advertising. They are quite effective because they enable your brand to stay in front of your potential customers for a longer period of time.

Now there are numerous different promotional products in the market ranging from custom stationery items to custom clothing articles which make the selection process difficult sometimes. Now in my opinion custom pens are the right choice and are the way to go. Here’s why:


Custom pens are very cost-effective.

Small business owners don’t typically have deep pockets and so cannot spend a lot of money on marketing. Which is why they require a budget-friendly promotional product. That budget-friendly promotional item is Custom pens. Custom pens are by far one of the most cost-effective promotional products ever.

As custom pens are sold in bulk quantities, the cost per item gets low. Because of this, you can market your business to a lot of people at a low cost. Now let me give you an example. Let’s take custom caps, custom pens, and custom t-shirts into consideration. Now, how many custom caps can you get for $300? My guess would be around 70-80. This means that you can market your business directly to 70 – 80 people using custom caps.

Now, how many custom t-shirts can you get for $300? My guess would be around 120 – 130 tees. This means that you can market your business directly to 120 – 130 people using custom t-shirts. Now, how many custom pens can you get for $300? My guess would be around 550 – 600 pens. This means that you can market your business directly to 500 – 600 people using custom pens. This clearly shows how cost-effective custom are.

 Custom Pens make sure that your business is remembered

Research tells us that traditional advertisements and online advertisements take around 6-7 impressions for your brand to be noticed or remembered by a consumer out of which only 1-2% click on the ads. Custom pens on the other hand are items that are way more effective at creating brand recognition. Studies suggest that up to 76% of people remember a brand they’ve seen on a custom pen.

Another interesting fact is that people also like custom pens and keep them with themselves. Your custom pens will keep on promoting your business to other friends and family members and will do that for a long time. 60% of the people might even keep them for up to two years.


Custom pens help in building relationships with your customers.

The key to building a strong business is having strong relationships with your costumers. Your customers will do business with you, if they know you, like you, and most importantly trust you. Custom pens can help you build trust between your business and potential customers. As your customers will keep your custom pens with them, they’ll remember you and value the gesture that you gave them a promotional item. They’ll think positively about you and your business and would definitely conduct business with you.


Custom pens are better than business cards.

I’m sure you must have seen, heard, or experienced a lot of people complaining that they almost never get a reply from anyone after the networking event ends. Even though they’ve given out 100s of cards, but the response is almost close to nothing. Studies tell us that 9 out of 10 business cards wind up in the trash. They are simply a waste of money. But you can make your networking successful. You can do that by giving away custom pens with your contact details, instead of business cards. Like we told you earlier people keep custom pens with them for a long time and so will remember you and will definitely connect with you.


There are few marketing tech tools that have stood the test of time and custom pens are one of them. Using custom pens can easily jump start your marketing efforts. This cost-effective marketing tactic is an excellent starting point and you can use them to create a brand identity, build trust, and increase your business.

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