What is YouTube SEO

What is YouTube SEO


SEO search engine optimization.  SEO is the way to make your youtube videos appear in youtube search results for search phrases.

How to optimize Youtube SEO: we will not offer you all the useless steps that people out there talk about like have watch time, good content, and make engaging youtube videos.

today I will give you some of the best tips and I guarantee that if you do them you will surely get your youtube videos ranked within a few days. For a couple of keywords, it will 100 % work. Follow the steps below: then you will know more what is youtube SEO.

Use Keyword Research to Secure Your Ranking

Just like Google, videos on YouTube are found typing words into the search field in the top section of the page. 

Keyword research is, therefore, necessary to do if you want to understand your audience’s behavior.

Remember, it is the user’s intent in every query that defines what your content should be. Your content must match search intent. Always. On Google and on YouTube.

For example, youtube SEO If you are running a small business as a makeup artist with a website, you want to make sure, your video content is just as good as your blog content. 

Perhaps you have written a guide on how to apply highlighter? Well, you may be interested in ranking for words such as “highlighter”, “skin product” or “applying skin product” on YouTube. 

Before you select on the primary or exact keywords, try and explore the competition on those particular words. if you still have questions in your mind, what is youtube SEO we described in some points?

Check the competition For YouTube SEO

The next move is to go and look at the search result page. What kind of youtube videos is already ranking on youtube? As well as see the number of video subscribers on the top channels along with the total number of search queries. In youtube SEO You will discover if your video has a chance of ranking here as well. 

Try and explore different-different keyword ideas in the youtube search box, and compare the competition of each result.

Optimizing your video For YouTube SEO

When you have settled on a keyword, the word must be part of the video as well as the description text. That includes the meta-descriptions, titles, thumbnails, links, and tags. 

Your keyword should appear at the beginning of a text, surely in the first sentence. 

While we write a meta description on our channel, put some heart into it and write at least three hundred words. 

YouTube SEO search engine optimization is a great opportunity to give your existing blog text or content a new life.

If you are doing a skin product blog on youtube and want to give people advice on how to apply for your face type, then it might be a great idea to show them maybe with a youtube video guide their top amazing looks for future fashion trends in 2020. A long time goes with the search intent of that query.

youtube SEO The video itself must also reflect the topic(s) you are trying to optimize for. If you are speaking during the video, remember to mention the words, you are optimizing for. YouTube will pick up on every word in both transcripts and meta descriptions.

But remember not to over-optimize. Your meta-description text should not appear in your keyword more than five times or it might be viewed as keyword stuffing. 

Instead, think of the youtube users, you want to communicate with and what they value. The result page can give you an idea on this matter.

Promote your video 

So you have made the globally greatest youtube video and uploaded it to your Youtube channel. What next now?

if you have an audience by mail signup or whatnot, now is the time to explore those relations. 

It might be fitting to write a newsletter sharing your new youtube video content directly with your potential audience. 

Other social media channels are a great way to create awareness of new youtube video content. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Go post for youtube SEO.

Engage with your channel and audience

Like any social network, social connections are key. If you want to make a name for yourself, you must care for those social bonds. 

That means both optimizing your channel, so it looks inviting for your audience. 

And it means interacting with users. 

Replying to comments and giving your audience questions to discuss is a great way to grow instant Youtube views and popularity on YouTube by youtube SEO. and we hope you understand what is youtube SEO.


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