How help desk outsourcing will benefit your business

How help desk outsourcing will benefit your business


Outsourcing is an important part of the business. Of course, you cannot hire everyone in the company, so organizations tend to outsource particular departments for the benefit of the company. Hiring employees can be a whole lot of work along with financial expenses.

Hiring employees means to pay for the recruitment process, giving monthly salaries to the employees, offering health benefits, EOBI, provident fund, and a lot more. Sometimes it is just easier for organizations to do outsourcing. 

A help desk provides help to both the customers and the employees. It receives inbound calls, listens to complaints, and forwards it to the department that is responsible for it. For instance, if an individual is a customer of Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket and wants to redeem their coupons or even buy new ones, they will contact the help desk to provide them the procedure of redeeming the coupons.

Although, the major role of the help desk is to provide help for technical problems like if someone’s computer broke down. 

Several companies outsource their help desks and it can be very beneficial for them. Some of the benefits of outsourcing a help desk are as follows;

Flexible working hours

A business usually has fixed timings like 9 am to 5 pm. These are the times when customer facilitation within the organization can answer and respond to the queries and complaints. Although, on non-peak times, i.e. after 5 pm, when customers call for any query or complaint, their messages usually go to voicemail. This can be frustrating and disappointing for the customers and would eventually lead to dissatisfaction from the service the organization is providing them. 

If an organization outsources customer facilitators as help desk from distinct time zones, they will be able to make sure to respond to all queries and complaints all day long. Whoever is available would respond to the call, making a 24-hour service that is admirable and appreciated by the customers.


As we said above, outsourcing can be cheaper than actually hiring employees. It saves up to a lot of money and time for the organization. When organizations outsource people, they do it on a contract basis. On this note, the organization doesn’t have to pay for their extra expenses, their EOBI, their provident fund or any other health benefits. The in-house staff gets a lot of perks that outsourced staff does not get. So outsourcing can effectively reduce costs for organizations. As it happens when outsourcing with a recruitment agency

Easily managed

Outsourcing can be relaxing for the organization since they don’t have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. The finding and hiring of the outsourced company or individual are done by a third party. It does all the work of recruiting, reducing stress for the in-house staff of the organization.

The third company works in almost everything. They track the outsourcing companies’ work, their efficiency, their hours worked, their missed hours, their performance, their obstacles, and rating of their performance as per the scale.

Not a lot of management comes on the shoulders of the in-house staff when a company or an individual is outsourced. The third-party pretty much does all the stressing. On the other hand, the expenses in the process of recruiting the outsourced company are also cheaper and easily managed than recruiting an in-house staff. 

Increased profits

When the outsourced help desk is available 24/7 to respond to the queries and complaints of the customers, it will lead to customer satisfaction. A happy customer is a loyal customer. Keeping a customer satisfied will tend them to stay with the organization. This will eventually increase profits for the organization. 

By having a 24/7 help desk, we are providing assistance to them at any hour of the day. This will lead the customer to be more happy and content with us, leading to a long-term relationship with the company. A happy customer will make more profits for the company. 

Diversified culture

When an organization is looking to outsource people from different time zones, it will bring people of different cultures and nations together. It will create diversity for the organization. Having a diversified help desk will make sure to deal with all kinds of customers belonging to all types of cultures. 

A little bit of training for the diversified help desk team will make them efficient in their job. A diversified help desk will create more customer satisfaction as compared to an in-staff help desk. 

The improved focus of the department

When in-staff employees are hired for the help desk department, mostly they forget the core of their jobs. On the other hand, an outsourced help desk will only focus on responding and solving the queries and complaints of your customers. It will be easier for the organization to focus on their departments because the queries and complaints of the customers are already being handled. 

To make sure that this happens, the outsourced help desk needs proper training and information on how your organization deals with their daily query calls and complaint calls. It helps each department focus on their work without worrying about the client’s feedback. 


Having an outsourced help desk can be a little risky as well. Outsourcing a help desk needs proper and effective training so they know how to handle the queries and complaints of the customers. This can be a little tricky and sometimes can backfire for the company and result in a customer’s disappointment. 

On the other hand, there are many other benefits of outsourcing a help desk. It is cost-effective, it is time-saving, it is easily managed and tracked and it can increase customer satisfaction by being available 24 hours a day. Ultimately increased customer satisfaction will lead to increased and higher profits for the organization. 

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