5 Best Tools To Generate Quality Leads For Your Online Business

5 Best Tools To Generate Quality Leads For Your Online Business


In online marketing, lead generation is the most crucial thing to initiate business sales. It is the process that ends up turning visitors into potential customers by encouraging their interests for the products or services.

No marketer can grow without cultivating consumers. And so, a business without lead generation has no meaning.

The importance of lead generation is accepted by everyone. But unfortunately, it is not easy to generate healthy leads for online business.

Marketers are found struggling to seek the attention of the website visitors and create a spike in their business revenue. This is when they think of teaming with a digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR or USA. No matter where you belong, seeking help from a reputed digital marketing agency is indeed a good idea.

Here in this article, we will talk about some free tools that help in generating quality leads. Use any of these tools and get a perfect lead solution for your business.

5 Best lead generation tools for online business

  1. HubSpot Marketing: Looking for a tool that can capture healthy leads at a free of cost? No worries when you have the HubSpot Marketing tool at your service. The tool has an affordable plan for all sized marketers. From capturing leads to tracking and converting them into permanent clients, the tool works perfectly well in amplifying the growth.

    HubSpot Marketing is loaded with more than one feature. These include –

Versatile contact forms to build connections.
Pop-up forms for capturing leads.
Contact database to keep the contacts organized.
Traffic and conversion analytics.
CMS and email integration.
Live chat to assist the consumers.
Chatbots to keep your brand engaged.
HubSpot Marketing is an excellent inbound marketing tool that can drive in huge traffic. What are you waiting for? Use this tool and enjoy business profits.

  1. Skrapp: Skrapp Chrome extension is a tool that helps in accumulating email addresses on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a hub for marketers to promote their brands and to run ads for recruitments. Using this tool, you can email addresses along with the name of the brand, job title, company, location, etc. It will run an algorithm across several corporate enterprises visiting various groups and profiles.

    Skrapp allows you to store leads from email addresses in a lead directory. You can simply format this in CSV files and so that you can recover it later on. For a free plan, you can access 200 emails per month. That’s a good figure, isn’t it?

  2. Sumo: Sumo is a free lead generation tool that can be used to fetch quality leads for a business website. The best thing about this tool is you don’t need to have a great knowledge of coding to install this. Anyone with zero knowledge can make use of this tool and experience high leads for his website.

    Sumo is best known for automating your site growth. No matter how badly your site is affected, with Sumo you can improve your site performance and enjoy the skyrocket sales in your business.
    Sumo can be used to generate traffic, increase the followers’ list, and simultaneously track your online traffic. It encourages visitors to become permanent customers. The free basic plan of this software includes multiple features, A/B testing, and access to beautiful templates.

  3. Mobile Monkey: Mobile Monkey, interesting name, isn’t it? This is a powerful tool that supports the Facebook Messenger marketing platform. Besides generating leads, the tool even performs well in making connections and initiating conversations with the customers.

    Mobile Monkey is featured with a chatting platform where you can connect with your customers, solve their queries, understand their demands, and execute marketing automation.
    Surprisingly, 1.3 billion of Facebook marketers make use of this tool to leverage their businesses. Why don’t you be next?

  4. Hello Bar: Want to scale up your subscriber list? Hello, Bar performs this job easily by capturing leads through emails. It uses the email marketing method to enhance the email contacts, connect with them, and double up the subscriber list in no time.
    The best thing about this tool is, it sends messages to the right visitors at the right time, without making any delay. This creates a good bond between the customers and the brand, exciting them to make their purchase again and again.
    Other than boosting the number of subscribers, the tool is also useful for generating more shares, more likes, more pins, and more tweets. It collaborates with social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, and LinkedIn to promote the brand. You can even conduct A/B testing for better results.

The Bottom Line

Without a stream of fresh leads, you can’t except a visible growth in your business. This is quite obvious. To ensure healthy leads, many digital marketing companies in Noida or any other region focus on creating engaging blogs, visual content, advertisements, and sharing them on different social platforms.

Definitely, this works, provided that you are using effective tools and lead generation software.

Are you worried about your low conversion rates? Try out the aforesaid tools and see the magic. All your bounce rates will be converted into high conversions.

Enjoy the growth!

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