Interview Hacks to Crack them all

Interview Hacks to Crack them all


We have all been in the situation where the heart is pounding outside your chest, your mind is battling with itself and you are too conscious about your words. You have worn the best professional outfit you had in your wardrobe, groomed to perfection, and feel like being judged at every step. Yes, you guessed right!!


Now, You have prepared the best answers possible and memorized them like the back of your hand. If not job vacancy result is a good site that would get it all sorted. Now that with the help of this Interview questions you have thought about every possible cross-question ready to bang on the interview.

Now you are in an interview. You say every word to its perfection but still, DON’T gets selected. You think to yourself What could have gone wrong? I had everything covered up? All the answers well memorized! What is that factor that’s keeping me away from success?

So let me tell you guys, Communication is a tricky skill of which only 7% is the words that you say. Then you would say what is the rest 93%? The answer is simple


Perplexed!! And thinking about what body language and tone to have in the interview. This blog will guide you to have exact requirements to Crack your next Interview. So let’s Start!


What taking in an interview one simple hack is TRY TO ADJUST YOUR PITCH SAME AS YOUR INTERVIEWER.

Yes! Its that simple we tend to like people who are like us. So if you level the pitch of your volume to the same as your interviewer you will be found much more acceptable.

A happy tone of voice is liked more than a confident tone. So try to beg heart is pounding outside your chest genuinely happy it will be reflected in your tone. Also, a happy tone makes you appear more optimistic and passionate. Don’t get over-excited though! That I deter you in the mind of the interviewer. If you practice talking your sentence in this variation you will appear more confident and approachable. Now that your WHAT and HOW to say things is sorted let’s see how should be your Body Language

Body Language

Following are the key list of do’s and Don’ts if followed in the right way could signal you like a really confident, interactive, best for the position individual that you ultimately land you in a job offer. Ss here it is….

  1. Firstly, keep your posture upright and open. Walk like you own the place. Smiling while entering the room and walking confidently towards the chair Set your first good impression as a confident person.
  2. While sitting, Don’t be upright and stiff take the support of the back-rest of the chair, and sit comfortably. Do not slouch very casually on the chair though. Slouching will give the impression of being over-confident or arrogant whereas sitting upright without supporting you back will show under-confidence.
  3. Try to slow your breathing. This will make you more stable and you will be not gasping for air while completing your sentences
  4. Don’t keep on changing the position in the chair or avoid touching your tie, face, hair or rather anything as too many movements will make you appear anxious, nervous and ultimately less confident
  5. Hands!!! This is the most confusing thing. Where to actually keep your hands. Everybody knows that not to cross your hands or legs in an interview but were to really keep them on your thighs or chairs armor on the table.

Here is a problem solver. Keep your hands on the arm of the chair rest but don’t stick them there. That would look too robotic. Rather use them. Having an effective and regular hand movement really key to show confidence.

Also, use them only when you want to emphasize a particular word or sentence. You should not use your hands haphazardly. As too many hand gestures make you appear confused.

  1. Try not to clasp or fidget with your hands as it may showcase your anxiety. Also in hand gestures touching your heart signifies that you are genuine and palm facing upwards show that you are trustworthy
  2. Mirror your interviewer. Like you mirror the interviewer’s pitch of voice also tries to mirror their positive hand gestures, their vocabulary, their jargon. Also, try to mirror the rate of their speech. This is on a simple principle that People trust other people if they acknowledge them like themselves.

Tip:- Try doing this in a very subtle way as it would be really unsettling if the interviewer identifies this. The tip is to do it  10 sec after he has done it.

  1. Have good eye contact. Don’t stare at their eyes. Try shifting your focus for 3 sec to left eye to right eye to mouth to the forehead. Also, follow the 80/20 rule where 80% of the time you look at the person while 20% of the time you look elsewhere.

In a panel, set up a look at everybody but specifically look more at the person asking the question.

  1. Avoid giving outlying signals like touching your face, ear, eyes, or nose. Even if you are not lying these body language my show that you are. So these things really should not be touched. So avoid touching any part of your face or neck.
  2. And at last, have a perfect and a firm handshake. This may be obvious still many people miss this out. Have a firm handshake and look into the eye of the interviewer have a smile on the face and tell them you really enjoyed the interaction.

These are the few things if mastered could really up to your game in an interview. Also if you are looking for really good professional opportunities where you will be assessed and will get an opportunity to try these aspects. Do check out here It will really help you to find a quality opportunity which will help you in your career in the long run. Also, do tell if you found this article helpful or of your like to add anything. Also, constructive feedback is always welcomed.

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