How to Renovate a Toilet Step By Step

How to Renovate a Toilet Step By Step

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If you want to learn step by step how to revive a bathroom then this guide is for you. In the following guide, we will learn what the renovation of a bathroom entails, and how we can achieve the desired effect without spending much.

First, you have to determine whether you want to transform your bathroom into a master bathroom or a more compact washroom. Each has different advantages and disadvantages. Master baths are much larger than bathrooms with only one washbasin or douche.


You can get the area of your dreams in a small washroom, without sacrificing any room. But you should consider your current living arrangements. If you have enough room in your house this might be your perfect solution for you.

Let’s look at the way a toilet is renovated step-by-step in this respect. The first thing you want to know is whether you’re going to add a new bathroom sink, a brand new toilet, a new bathroom, or the existing bathroom will be remodeled.

In the event you have plenty of space in your house, starting with a new bathroom sink would be a brilliant idea. The sinks in the bathroom must have enough surface space, otherwise, the water will leak in the space and leave the area damp. A major benefit is you can choose from a wide range of sinks and fittings. For instance, if you don’t need a traditional bathroom sink, then you could opt for a modern-style sink. The use of modern-style tiles is also feasible instead of traditional ones.

Set Vanity

If you want a master bathroom, you need a vanity cabinet and another vanity in the bathroom. If you want a smaller washroom, you can use a basic set of toilet accessories, such as a hand dryer, a toilet seat, and a tub.

You may wish to replace your current vanity units in the bathroom with newer ceramic designs. If you don’t have enough space to add new parts, you can select one or two small basins and one or two mirrors.

You may also want to select new cabinets for the bathroom if you want to make a full makeover of your bathroom. Usually, these cabinets are more costly and will only be part of the overall amount of money you’ll need to pay.


You may also like to go in for a brand new bathroom in the event you have space. Although the cost of installing a new toilet isn’t much, they seem to last a lot longer than an older version. Because of this, installing a new bathroom makes great sense if you are lucky enough to have a spare bedroom to fit it in.

There are several reasons why folks are opting for a new toilet rather than using a cheaper, old version. A cheap bathroom will have to be repaired after some time because the toilet ‘s internal elements will need to be changed, while a brand new toilet may last without being mended for quite a while.

Arrange Bath Area

The next thing to look into is the bath area. Many times when one looks at how to renovate a bathroom, the bath area is ignored. The bath field, however, has a significant part and should not be ignored. Changing your bathroom tub with a shower enclosure is not a smart idea unless you have ample toilet space.

Bathtubs are a very important bathroom area and if you don’t have any rooms, you may want to opt for a bathroom tub and shower enclosure instead. If you are remodeling the room for the tub, you may want to add a shower curtain and a small bath.

 What is very important is that the bathroom area is used for its function rather than other functions, and that means you need to get a plan on how best to restore the entire room. Otherwise, the bathroom might end up cramped.


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