How to Combat Indoor Air Pollution on DiwaliHow to Combat Indoor Air Pollution on Diwali

How to Combat Indoor Air Pollution on Diwali


Diwali is the celebration of lights and happiness, signifying the victory of good over evil. In this honor, people lighten up their homes with diyas and fairy lights. Nowadays, bursting crackers have also become an essential part of this celebration.

As bursting firecrackers are fun-loving activity people, especially kids do, this is the main reason for the rising level of air pollution. The huge difference we can see just the very next morning of Diwali. The atmosphere looks dusky all around.

But do you know that the air inside the home can be polluted? Well, it’s true! It is the degradation of indoor air quality by harmful substances and other materials. Inside the air in your home can be more dangerous than outdoors as it harms your health. Indoor polluted air empowers expected toxins to develop more than open spaces.

There are various reasons for indoor air pollution, such as tobacco smoke, molds, pesticides, and outdoor air quality. As we have been told, after Diwali, the outdoor and inside air gets contaminated, it is harmful to your health. So, here is this article, we are going to share some remedies on how you can combat air pollution on Diwali.

Proper Ventilation

The first thing you have to do care about is proper ventilation. However, we know that the air outside the home might not be so good after the Diwali celebration; it is essential to make an appropriate balance. Keep up a suitable wind current by opening up little windows, turning on exhaust fans, turning on fans close to the window, and keeping the vents open. You can buy eco-friendly crackers for your kids instead of firecrackers, which can harm the air most. In this way, you can do a little help to make the atmosphere less polluted.

Don’t Smoke Inside

There should be a rule that no one will smoke. If you are addicted or wish to smoke, then do it outside of the home. As the inside air is already polluted, it can make it even worse if you smoke inside the house. This can harm the health of your loved ones, as well. So, it’s Diwali near, order Diwali gifts online for your loved ones instead of giving them polluted air inside by smoking.

Take Care Of Dusting & Cleaning

Dust bugs on things are a vital explanation behind allergens. It is essential to dispose of residue to keep up clean air inside the house. Additionally, please make a point to clean your floors consistently as the residue, in the end, chooses the floor, possibly to be worked up again when somebody strolls on it. This is another way that you can get rid of the polluted inside air.

Place Plants Inside The House

The best and lovely solution to get rid of pollution inside air is to keep air purifying plants inside the home. There are various plants that will help in purifying indoor air. You can take Milt Sansevieria, Song of India Plant, Peace lily, Aloe Vera, Jade Plant, and other green plants that can help you to take proper breaths. Believe us, you will be seen the best and appropriate result once you opt for one of these plants in your house. So, if you are about to send Diwali gifts online to your special one, you can give them a green air-purifying plant.

Opt Air-Purifiers 

There are several websites from which you can take the air purifiers. They are the best and best option other than plants that help make your inside air clean and bacteria-free. They will also help to humid particles that create a disturbance while sleeping. They additionally wipe out radon gas, which is one reason for lung malignancy.

We trust that you like this article and came to know more about the indoor air and how to make it better. Diwali is just near, and most of you must be looking for online Diwali gift delivery for your loved ones, so whenever you send them gifts, let them know about this article. This will help them a lot after Diwali, as we all know that the way we mentioned above is a great way to get rid of polluted air.

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