Availability of Truck Drivers during the lockdown

Availability of Truck Drivers during the lockdown


Transport companies were worst hit during the lockdown as all freight movement came to screeching halt.  Against all odds, the fleet owners manage to operate and provide efficient trucking services to ensure goods and commodities reach in all cities of the country without any delays. The nationwide lockdown was imposed to contain the spread of the deadly  Coronavirus and reduce the hike in cases.  Reliable transport companies are plying their trucks on road despite the chaos and unprecedented circumstances prevailing in India.

Multiple issues  faced by  fleet owners during the lockdown

Numerous challenges are faced by truck transporters engaged in the supply of essential goods during the pandemic lockdown. The movement of goods is expected to be reprieved due to the poor availability of truck drivers. Only about 5% of the trucks are operating right now. The drivers have moved to their home and that would make the resumption of normal service even more difficult. The labor shortage is having a crippling effect on Delhi Transport Services. It is imperative to address these issues and resolve them instantly.

Reduction in Availability of truck drivers

According to statistics more than 8 million drivers and 12 million helpers were being deployed by the Indian trucking industry. But the large scale meltdown has led the transport sector to skid off from its flourishing track, thereby pushing many fleet owners to the brink. The real impact of the nationwide lockdown would be long-term on the transport industry due to migration of labor influx back to the villages.

Most of the truck drivers are fleeing away to their native homes. As a result, the availability of truck drivers is reduced and the fleet owners had to face a lot of problems while operating. The impact has been so drastic that more than 60 % of fleet owners preferred to stop all operations for the safety of their drivers.  The chances of any immediate recovery are fewer.

Studies state that because of the lockdown,  more than 70 % of truck drivers are not on the job now, due to the fear of the virus. Most truck drivers and helpers are afraid to continue working and have quit jobs

Solutions for resuming regular availability of truck drivers

  • Safe and secure transportation measures have to be adopted to maintain a seamless movement of goods and services.
  • Provide updated information about COVID 19 to the truck drivers and helpers.
  • facilities for sanitizing the vehicles and thermal imaging of the drivers be provided every 200 kilometers on the highways.
  • give strict instructions to wear masks and frequently wash hands or use sanitizers and carry packed foods to avoid stopping at roadside dhabas for food
  • Paperless and  electronic invoicing  and PayTm  is  used paying for fueling and  performing other transportation tasks
  • electronic passes (transferable on a mobile phone) has to be given to drivers to use
  • Each mobile electronic pass can be tagged to the Aadhar/driving license of the drivers.
  • Large fleet owners should organize travel return arrangements for truck drivers from strategic places

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