Top Things to Consider While Planning Your Summer Vacation During COVID-19

Top Things to Consider While Planning Your Summer Vacation During COVID-19

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Getting some rest and relaxation even during the best of times are needed in order to maintain your overall well-being. During the summer, the best way to relax is a nice vacation. Being stuck in your home can definitely make you feel the need to escape and recharge right now more than ever before. However, while a summer vacation may just be what your brain and soul needs, you might ask if it’s safe to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. The CDC is not stopping to remind us to remain in our homes over travelling, since travel puts you to a higher risk of getting and spreading COVID-19.

However, you may still feel that it’s necessary to have some getaway. So if you’re really willing to take a trip, here are some things you must consider as you plan a summer vacation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where Are You Going?

When deciding on a destination for your summer vacation, you must ask yourself first these questions:

  1. Is the virus increasing where I live?
  2. Is the virus prevalent where I want to go?

You may use the CDC’s COVID-19 data tracker to identify the number of cases and infection rate from state to state, together with the total cases and deaths from county to county.

If you live in a place where the virus is increasing, try to consider being extra cautious in the weeks leading up to your vacation. Having this information will help lessen your chances of getting sick and inadvertently spreading COVID-19 throughout your trip. If the number of cases is high, you might want to consider cancelling the trip until cases decrease in your area.

Also if the virus is prevalent in the area you wish to travel to, opt for a different destination. After deciding where you are going, it’s necessary to be aware of certain rules being implemented that you need to follow with during your trip. You can check out some information from your state’s health department website.

Identify What You’ll Be Doing There

Wherever you plan to go for your summer vacation, do you need to observe social distancing from the crowd and maintain 6 feet of distance between yourself and others if needed as possible? Yes.

For example, social distancing is more difficult in an urban city full of bustling sidewalks and restaurants compared to a city with reasonable geographic sprawl, where you can effortlessly drive yourself from place to place.

The simplest and safest way to make sure social distancing is observed on your vacation is to pick a romantic getaway location that provides a lot of outdoor spaces and activities, such as:

  • Relaxing at the beach
  • Hiking at a national or state park
  • Fishing in a river, lake or the ocean
  • Tubing or rafting on a river

Take note that popular outdoor sports will surely attract even bigger crowds this summer, as plenty of people will be heading to the great outdoors to vacation safely during the pandemic.

If you like to provide yourself with the perfect chance of staying healthy while you’re having your ultimate vacation, you need to do your research ahead of time.

Your research will help you avoid peak hours at popular outdoor spots or look for other places and activities that don’t have a large crowd. Plus, try to have a backup plan or two. In case there’s a lot of people at the beach, move on to the next beach on your list.

You can consider picking a destination where it’s easy to get around by using your car rather than needing to depend on public transportation, as well as getting food as takeout instead of dining at restaurants.

Consider the Place and Crowd When Booking Accommodations

A lot of hotels around the world are providing big discounted rates to encourage summer travel, others have made new lobby rules, even experts suggest that it’s okay to swim at hotel pools. However, you need to watch out for large, high-rise hotels with a lot of shared spaces and elevators can be more dangerous than private accommodations, according to an internal medicine physician based in San Francisco, Shoshana Ungerleider.

Health experts recommend remote destinations over more famous ones and fewer crowds over larger ones. If it’s possible, try to pay for your stay in advance and choose a contactless check-in.

Some travellers would even bring their own pillowcases and sheets for safety. The bottom line here is, you must only book accommodations if you think they can be trusted and necessary measures have been taken in advance of your arrival. Don’t be shy to email them before booking to ask them for a list of the safety measures that they have been put in place.

Pack Your Pandemic Essentials Bag

Lastly, the most important thing is to be prepared and armoured! Pile up on your pandemic essentials well in advance, having in mind that shortages and long lead times for delivery are possible. Pandemic safety staples include hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, face masks, health insurance cards, thermometer, latex gloves, and anti-bacterial hand soap.

If you’re on a long drive, bring enough snacks and drinks with you to prevent unnecessary stops. Don’t forget that hand sanitizers can be flammable. You need to take the hand sanitizer out every time you’re getting out of the car, especially when there’s the hot scorching sun.

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