How To Find Ethically Sourced Virgin Hair Extensions

How To Find Ethically Sourced Virgin Hair Extensions


Consumers are becoming more conscious of the hair extensions that they purchase. Often, they are questioning the ethicality of the extensions they buy or wear. It’s only normal if you are worried about how that beautiful hair you rock is sourced.

A considerable number of virgin hair extensions are made from Asian or Indian hair. In these parts of the world, the rate of poverty is extremely high. Women and children are usually pressured or coerced into cutting and selling their hair.

Sometimes these people are paid a small amount of money and at times given nothing at all.  Hair suppliers exploit these people to get hold of their long beautiful hair. Afterward, they sell their hair for a huge sum of money to hair salons and consumers globally. This type of hair is not sourced ethically, and it has a short life span.

So how do you find ethically sourced hair extensions? Let’s look at some of the ways you can get ethically sourced extensions.

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Look for Vendors Who Get Their Hair Extensions from a Single Donor

The most ethical way in which you can find high-quality hair is by looking for brands that get their hair from a single donor. This means that most of the hair extensions will be from one donor and not from different donors.

Manufacturers use hair that has fallen. Fallen hair is that which has been collected from the salon floors or hairbrushes. Some can even mix the fallen hair with synthetic hair. This hair is of low quality and won’t serve you for more than a month.

The only way you can ensure that the hair you buy is 100% high quality and that its hair cuticle is still intact is if your supplier gets the hair from a single donor.

Buy from Companies That Treat Their Employees Fairly

It is vital to make sure that the Remy hair you buy is produced by a brand that treats its employees well and pays them accordingly for their efforts. If time is on your side, you should visit the warehouse where you want to buy your extensions and check the kind of working conditions the employees are subjected to. The employees should not be overworked, they should be given a fair wage; have breaks and go for holidays like other people.

Temple’s Hair

Another way of getting ethically sourced hair is by getting your human hair extensions from companies that get their hair from temple donors. The hair obtained from the temple is known as temple hair. Brands like Indique Hair, Hair Factory, Diva Divine gets their hair extensions from South Indian temples.

The temple hair is donated by devotees who want to offer their hair as a sacrifice to their God Lord Balaji for the blessing he has bestowed on their lives. This kind of hair is of high quality since its hair cuticle is still intact.

Not all Remy hair extensions are produced the same. It is essential to know how your hair purchases affect society and the supply chain. Each time that you buy ethically sourced hair, you are fighting against the exploitation of women, children, and employees who are mistreated.

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