Top 8 Project Management Software That Keeps Your Team on Track

Top 8 Project Management Software That Keeps Your Team on Track

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In present times project management teams are becoming quite dispersed, and the work is becoming more digital with passing days. Hence, to reinforce our productivity systems is highly significant that we should have competent team-oriented project management tools.

Meeting time deadlines and doing work of superior quality are the two major requisites that a team strives to fulfil. These are the two standards that distinguish a well-organized team from an unorganized team. At sometimes, keeping an eye on assigned tasks to every team member, maintaining transparency in work, supervising each task, and accomplishing the work within the time deadlines seems to be a daunting task.

Functioning collectively in teams, and making communications with other team members exhibit a healthy system to work in. The need to trail such a system in the organization, lead to the development of project management tools and software. The key benefit which we can derive from these project management tools is a coordinated team.

Here is some top project management software that can help you in project planning, streamlining your procedures, and keeping track of the performance of your team.

1. PlanStreet

PlanStreet is an extensive work management tool used to organize projects and tasks. You can easily organize and schedule your team to get the tasks done on time, along with monitoring the tasks performed via PlanStreet’s Gantt chart software. It is highly useful for Project Management. The teams can analyze their committed tasks, and they can also update the status of their tasks on their Kanban board. PlanStreet’s Gantt chart, Case management, Kanban board, and online forms speed up your project operations with convenience and proficiency.

Features involve

  • It offers agile communication in the team via scrum board for team collaboration.
  • A centralized system of resource allocation for optimum resource utilization over the project portfolio.
  • The financial forecasting feature helps to predict precise cost and revenue evaluation.
  • Gantt chart & Kanban board gives options to optimize plans according to needs.

2. is a client-oriented software that links your team with the team of the client at a commonplace. You can see different works, and you can individually set up every single piece of work as a project with its separate notes, discussions feed, tasks, teams, and payment records. Along with this, you can also record the time taken to complete every project. A wide variety of tasks and views of projects are available, such as the calendar, scheduler, and Kanban view to provide you the perfect outline of the work performed by your teams.

Features involve

  • Quickly add or invite internal and external users
  • Discussion Feed for projects – with email notifications.
  • Reporting tools that evaluate your profitable projects.
  • Ability to integrate quick and secured card payments

3. Freedcamp

Freedcamp is a project management software that is rich in features and is for personal and professional use. Every project has separate tasks, milestones, discussion, files, time, calendar, and issue tracker. The dashboard provides you a clear and precise overview of your team’s workflow involving activities, tasks, and projects.

Features involve

  • Discussion Feed-in message board fashion
  • Solid calendar view that lays out all future events.
  • It provides third-party integrations such as Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many more.

4. Toggle Plan

Toggle Plan is a project planning software that effectively automates the process of delegation of tasks and displays the completed tasks and also those which are incomplete. If your team works on projects by coordinating with other departments of the organization, the Toggl plan will prove to be a useful tool for your project planning.

Features involve

  • Gantt-Chart representation to monitor critical deadlines.
  • Allow integrations with Slack, Evernote, Github, and more.
  • Team coordination through task notes and shared calendar features.

5. nTask

nTask is another project management software that has various features for project management and task management. This software has some free tools for everyone. It provides multiple projects or tasks generation at the same time frame. Through this, managers can also define team leaders, roles of individuals, project budgets, milestones, and time tracking standards that are as per the relevant specifications of projects. According to the requirements of the advanced era, nTask also offers an interactive Gantt Chart tool. It helps to streamline the project with current changes in real-life and can also facilitate easy personalization by drag and drop mechanism.

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Features involve

  • Strong in-app system for coordination and resource management.
  • Allows integration with 3rd party apps like Slack, etc.
  • It enables team management through the admin-control process.

6. Asana

Asana is another famous project planning and management software which millions of people use across different nations. It has a convenient and easy to use interface. This tool allows you to create boards to display the stages in which your project is running, and utilize the feature of reporting to monitor the completed tasks and supervise the on-going tasks that require your attention for successful completion.

Features involve

  • It allows you to frame templates to automate routine tasks.
  • It enhances coordination and shares information privately over the team in a secure manner.
  • It provides above 100 integrations for more smooth performance straight from initiation till accomplishment.
  • It has the option to set security checks and authoritative admins.

7. Wrike

Wrike is an outstanding tool for project management for the teams that require the viability to personalize workflows & create and modify projects within the software. The tool offers features to color code and layer calenders. You can add comments to documents, videos, and sections, and also create customized fields to export the relevant data of the company. Apart from this, its mobile app allows co-workers to update project information from anywhere on-the-go.

Features involve

  • The Activity stream allows project managers to manage micro-tasks, arrange activities in chronological order, and tag teammates.
  • It provides security measures to prevent unauthorized access to information.
  • In-built editing features and option to unfollow activities.
  • Synchronization of Email with the calendar.


Teamwork is a project management tool that is a specialization in congregating remote workers. It also enables you to generate status updates of team members. Henceforth your remote teams know the schedule of their co-workers. Additionally, it provides customer service feature that also has the option of assigning tickets and view emails of customers at a single place.

Features involve

  • Personalized navigation for prioritizing the team’s requirements.
  • It involves Gantt charts for project timelines and deadlines.
  • Updates of team members of remote teams.

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