Your Trustworthy Face Mask Makeup Guide

Your Trustworthy Face Mask Makeup Guide


We are seeing a lot of changes in recent days with social life and as lockdowns are easing, you have more chances to go out. That means getting ready for your next gathering and showing yourself to the public again! That, ladies, is always a festive thing for us and we want to be as prepared as we possibly can. But with all the precautions still in effect, one does wonder what kind of makeup you can do while your face is still covered with a mask. To help you out with that question, we have created an ultimate guide for you. And to make your shopping even more fun, you can also use a look fantastic code for amazing deals from Lookfantastic store!

Prime that Foundation!

If you are planning on putting a foundation on your face under the mask, we highly recommend that you go for a primer from Lookfantastic store! These can provide a smooth finish for a more seamless look and last longer which is important considering the wear and tear your mask can do.

A good option for this can be an all skin types primer which would both nourish your skin and keep it looking flawless. Add to that a foundation meant for full-face coverage and you are good to go! Just do not forget to add a look fantastic code to your checkout box to get a sweet discount!

Longwear is Your Friend

You have quite a lot of foundations to choose from, but you want the one that works best with a mask. The best option you have in this scenario is a long-wear foundation from Lookfantastic store that can take on a beating during the whole day. There are different options to choose from in terms of brands and any all hours foundation that can last for up to 24 hours should do the trick.

Make sure to use a foundation brush or a beauty sponge when applying this foundation. They ensure a smooth coat and the smoother your foundation is, the better the results will be. Be sure to add your look fantastic code to the cart to get your foundation at an incredibly low price!

High-Coverage for the Eyes

One of the key spots that any girl knows needs a lot of work is the eyes. Making them look their best means you must do some treatment and in the present scenario, a high-coverage concealer from the Lookfantastic store will do a great job for you! A good choice here would be to opt for something that is longer as that would make sure nothing gets smeared on your face mask.

A power and cream duo concealer works best in the current scenario and you can also get a great one for a low price by using a look fantastic code during checkout. These things create an incredibly smooth layer by coming together and filling every gap. The flawless look that you can get from these is why makeup artists also love them a lot.

Mascara Galore!

The most prominent part of your face that is visible with a mask on is your eyes. So you would naturally be required to give them the most attention and a good glamorous mascara from the Lookfantastic store is a must. A great option would be to opt for a volumizing mascara. They have a strong presence on the eyes and can even create a false eyelash effect. That could also save you some time when getting ready by killing two birds with one stone.

We highly recommend going for a smudge and sweat-proof mascara from Lookfantastic store as it not only stays on well but also gives a 40% extension to your eyelashes! Add to that a lucrative look fantastic code and you are all set for your next outing!

Do not Forget the Spray

With all that effort going into getting ready, you do not want ANYTHING to ruin your day by smudging your makeup from any angle. One of the best ways to deal with that is to go for a fixing spray. A good fixing spray from Lookfantastic store should give you all you need to make sure that your makeup stays on through the night. Whether you go for something glossy or matte entirely up to you and the makeup you choose.

Safety First!

In all that preparation, do not forget to get your face mask ready for the occasion as well! Given that we are in it for the long haul, companies are realizing that we do not want to look like surgeons everywhere so there are some amazing options to choose from now. Who knew masks could be fashionable too right? But they are here now, and you have some amazing options to choose from at Lookfantastic store. Apply your look fantastic code at checkout to make your makeup shopping pocket friendly and satisfying!

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