Pure Water From Aqua guard

Pure Water From Aqua guard

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Water purifiers are not a luxury, but they are a necessity. Today there are more than water-borne diseases that we can count, and hence not everybody has the privilege of drinking clean and safe water. To ensure that your water is free of any bacteria or virus, you must have a water purifier service at home. Clean water also keeps your environment sanitized and plays an important role in keeping all the other viruses away

As we all know that Bacteria, viruses, fluorides are very harmful when they come into contact with the human body and even more harmful when directly consumed. Water purifiers will disinfect your water from all such chemicals and make it fit for drinking purposes. Unsafe drinking of water is a huge problem in many parts of India. Keep reading the following content to know more about Aquaguard Water Purifier in Kolkata.

Know more about Aquaguard Water Purifier in Kolkata

Aquaguard Water Purifier is a product of Eureka Forbes Company situated in Mumbai, India, serving since 1982. These purifiers are some of the best in the market. They are a necessity of every household and workplace. For installation, you can contact the company or local dealers who have authentic company products. To reach out to the company from Kolkata, you can go on to Aquaguard customer care Kolkata.

Eureka Forbes is one of the topmost water purifier services which guarantee customer care 24/7. From installation to regular service, you can always contact here.

How does the Aquaguard water purifier work?

The water purifiers of Eureka Forbes have the best technology and come in a variety of ranges. You get the following water purifier technologies

  • RO+
  • RO
  • UV
  • Gravity

There are also 3 types of ranges available among Aquaguard Water Purifiers.

  • Basic
  • Affordable
  • Premium

As the terms of ranges are self-explanatory, you get the basic specifications in the basic range. An upgrade in the affordable range. With premium water purifiers, you get a high and best quality technology and service.

The steps taken by this water purifier are very easy. There are 3 stages of water purification. Hindi’s initial stage, it removes unwanted powdered substances from the water like mud and dust. We all know that when water is boiled for 20 minutes or more, all the contaminated particles are killed. Aquaguard water purifier does the same in just a few minutes with the help of its UV rays. The best part about this is that there are no side effects of using an RO or UV water purifier. The Aquaguard service in Kolkata is free for standard installation. These water purifiers come with a year-long guarantee to the least and sometimes also provide free service for some time.

What are the top Eureka Forbes water purifiers?

We have a list of the top Eureka Forbes water purifiers available in the market and provide full customer satisfaction.

  1. Eureka Forbes Water Purifier: this water purifier is one of the company’s best products with the latest technology to help you acquire a safe and clean water supply. The weight of this purifier is around 8.5 kgs. The applicable TDS range of Eureka Forbes Water Purifier is 500-2000 mg/liters. Maximum chlorine input is 0.2 mg/litre. You do not have to worry about this water purifier’s power consumption because it only takes about 30 watts. The input water temperature in the purifier is 10° C-40° C. You can store up to 8 liters of water in this water purifier.
  2. Dr. AquaguardGeneus UTC Water Purifier: again, this is one of the most brilliant water purifiers.  It has a storage capacity of 5 to 10 liters. This water purifier comes with a warranty of 1 year. The power consumption of this water purifier is 45 watts, and it weighs around 11.5 kgs.
  3. Dr. AquaguardNrich HD Green RO Water Purifier: it acts as a really good water purifier. It removes all contaminated particles from the water. It weighs about 6.4 kgs and comes with a 12-month warranty. Also, they have the best technology that a water purifier can have.

If you are a Kolkata resident and looking for a water purifier, you can select from the Aquaguard range. To know more about these water purifiers or to satisfy any query, contact Aquaguard customer care Kolkata.

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