Top Causes Of Stress And Ways To Beat Them

Causes Of Stress And Ways To Beat Them

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Stress is a feeling which can occur due to an event or a thought which makes you nervous, angry, or frustrated. It can also be considered positive when it helps to achieve target goals in a limited time window. It is caused by burdening ourselves or by the pressure put by others. Some of the root causes of their solutions are mentioned below.

Not having enough time

To complete all the given tasks in a particular time frame at work or at home is a skill in itself. In some cases the time frame given to you is unrealistic but mostly it is due to the mismanagement of time or not prioritizing tasks.  

Solution: Managing time more Efficiently

It is proven that proper management of time can reduce stress. Most of the people get stressed because of the unimportant tasks. Prioritizing your day and performing important tasks can lead to an achieved to-do list. Try to complete unpleasant tasks first then the pleasant task, remaining unpleasant jobs can cause stress. 

Unhealthy Lifestyle 

People under too much work pressure are more prone to unhealthy lifestyles, for example turning to fast food because of less time to have meals. Some people choose unhealthy options like smoking to cope up with stress. An unhealthy lifestyle not only reduces the ability to cope up with stress but also increases the stress levels.

Solution: Changes towards a healthier lifestyle

Researchers suggest that practicing yoga as a daily routine can help in dealing with stress. Exercising regularly can also help to build a positive mindset which will help to deal with stress effectively. 

Taking on too much

Taking up too many tasks at work and at home just to please others is a fatal tendency to please others. Piling up with numerous tasks and not achieving it fully will frequently lead you to stress. This will also affect your productivity, you will not be able to give your best with a lot of work. 

Solution: Take up work according to your Limitations

Take up work according to your limitations. Let people know your limitations and avoid taking too much work to perform efficiently. Avoid unnecessary jobs that will bury you under stress and take up jobs that you can perform comfortably under a time frame. Don’t hesitate to seek a helping hand at times of heavy work pressure. 

Conflicts at the workplace or at home

Disputes whether at home or at work are more likely to lead you to stress. Disagreements are to the process of working. But an unnecessary difference in opinion will add up to your stress. Stand on your way of working to achieve targets effectively. 

Solution: Avoid unnecessary squabble

Try to avoid disputes which may not be wholly avoidable and prevent them wherever possible. Never be confrontational as it will ruin relationships in one way or the other. Try to conclude on a solution from which both parties are happy. Try to have frank discussions rather than a bitter dispute.

Inability to accept things as they are

The inability to accept things as they are may lead to unnecessary stress. Trying to change the things which cannot be done or out of your control means creating an unnecessary burden on yourself. It will also result in loss of time which you would have used in executing other jobs which may make you even more stressed. 

Solution: Accept things that can’t be altered

Changing situations or things as per your favor is not always possible and you need to perform the task in the same situation or with the same things to avoid tensions. 

No time to Relax

Continuously working for hours will also reflect on your mental health. Continuous working for hours and no time to rejuvenate will affect the body as well as mind in the long run. Failing to take time to relax will also affect your productivity. 

Solution: Take time to Relax and Rejuvenate

Taking out time to relax for a few minutes between your work can be effective. Relaxing is one of the key answers to stress. It helps you to rejuvenate and resume with full energy.

Non-Work Related Issues

Stress can also be caused by personal issues or problems in your homes. Family members’ illness, debts, shifts, etc. are issues that can’t be avoided and have to look after them without ignoring them. 

Solution: Change in work practices

These issues are the ones which cannot be avoided and cause stress, to cope up with these issues takes time to deal with them. To manage work with these issues try reaching out to your employer for more flexible working hours. 

Getting stressed in a particular situation

Sometimes a particular situation might put you in stress. These situations are not avoidable had to go through it such as at a workplace. You have to reach somewhere on time but traffic irritates you. These small things can make you stressed.

Solution: Try to be calm under these situations

Meditation can be helpful to calm your mind and will help you deal with situations pretty calmly. Such situations occur frequently and make you stressed, to avoid getting stressed try alternate methods to complete the task. 

Failure to see the humor in situations

Failing to laugh at difficult situations can also make you stressful sometimes. Dealing with problems with a laugh can brush aside your problems. People with humor don’t allow themselves to be heavily stressed. 

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