Here is how you can obtain a cleaner work environment

Here is how you can obtain a cleaner work environment

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The quality of your work environment plays a major role in your employee’s performance. Any seemingly insignificant change can lead to major gain or loss in your business, office productivity, and employee’s working hours. Moreover, cleaner and hygienic offices also offer a chance for your company to build an impeccable appearance in the minds of your customers and clients. Thus, when you are hiring a cleaning company it is necessary to find one that you can completely rely upon.

At Jan-Pro Atlanta, we consider it our utmost responsibility to provide cleaning services to you and your employees for a cleaner environment so that they can work with more efficient techniques and give productive results. A great cleaning service will give you and your employees the creative, organized, and hygienic workplace that they need to thrive and excel in their respective domains and departments.

Cleaning Services in Atlanta

Jan-Pro Atlanta provides janitorial and commercial cleaning services to keep all work and public places cleaner and safer. Here is what you need to know about cleaning companies before hiring them for your office cleaning purposes:

Certified Cleaning Companies

When hiring a cleaning company always make sure that they are certified because most cleaners work at night without bothering anyone during the day time. So it is important that they are trustworthy and would not cause any loss.

Most cleaning companies prefer to clean at night for your own ease and perfectly match your schedules, thus it is crucial for them to be certified and legit in any way to avoid any mishap or possible theft. You need cleaners whom you can put your trust in and with that you need a service provider who takes responsibility in case of any loss. Insurance companies should be kept informed in such circumstances.

Customizable Office Cleaning Schedules

Every office has its own cleaning needs and respective timings thus choosing a cleaning company that can customize the cleaning schedules accordingly is advised.  This way, you can choose when and how frequently your workspace gets cleaned, which spaces needs more attention, and whether or not office cleaning green is required.

A flexible schedule will do well for both you and the cleaners. If the cleaning company is not showing any flexibility in their schedules then it is a red flag and you need to get another company hired at the earliest possibility.

Disinfectant Practices

The importance of disinfectants should not be overlooked when cleaning offices because many people share the same space together which can lead to higher risks of virus transmission such as flu. All offices must be disinfected on a weekly basis to keep the environment clean and healthy.

Common places such as the break room need special attention. Meager conditions in the break room can also put your office at a higher risk for airborne diseases.

Strong disinfectants of hospital grade can guarantee a healthier office environment. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of common and shared spaces can help prevent easily transmitted illnesses and assure an effectual outcome from the employees.

Another important thing is to keep an eye on the product which the cleaning companies use for disinfecting because you would not want harsh and toxic material to contaminate your office premises in any way. Always encourage green cleaning in this regard as it gives better and healthier results.

Hygiene and Health

Usually, cleaning companies are admired for the overall look and clean condition of the workplace but that certainly does not mean the environment is completely clean and hygienic. As bacteria and viruses are not visible to the naked eye but a poor air quality indicates the presence of such irritants in the air when we breathe or move in it.

Thus, to ensure overall hygiene and health conditions, hire a cleaning company that does not just clean the office to make it look attractive but also focuses on air quality and health.

To assure better results you can ask them about their air quality control techniques before hiring them. You must also see which sort of cleaning products they use and whether or not they contain harmful toxins in them.


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