How technology is changing the TV industry

How technology is changing the TV industry


Television is one of the large inventions of the 20th century. All over the decade’s TV has evolved with the improvements in technology like 3D. New technologies had an enormous impact on many areas over the past decades which have caused many changes to our daily lives.

How Technology has changed the TV industry

In the olden days, there were a few channels and only two colors (Black & white) but, now we have plenty of channels with multiple colors because of technology. Technology has changed the TV industry a lot by introducing VCD/DVD players to watch new/old movies through CD and later, we got LCDs, LEDs which occupy less space in-home/offices and increased its usages. Satellite technology is a wireless system for delivering television programming directly to a viewer’s house. Since the invention of the internet, the way of watching TV has changed.

Nowadays we have the option that we can watch our favorite programs or movies at any time by using the internet, on a smart TV without having to pay extra for that convenience but I must say we should accept there are many disadvantages of smart tv too. YouTube is a well-liked video-sharing website where people can register, upload, and share videos with anyone who can access the site.

These videos can also be watch, download, and shared on other sites. New technologies enter into the arena are Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, Sun next. In this, we can watch the latest newly released movies with the help of the internet. In the current pandemic situation, the usage of digital devices has been more with no colleges and schools.  This is a serious issue to focus on.

Since there are no shopping malls and movie theaters, there has been an increase in the subscriptions of OTT providers like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and more. Never than before, the viewership percentage of TV and OTT’s are in huge demand. There are so many businesses shut down because of this strange situation and many movie releases are halted and now to recover from the financial crisis they are looking to release their movies on OTT platforms. Slowly, there has been a radical change in the behavior of the people in recent times.

Before social media, for so many years we just sat and listened to the TV. Social media has given type of Voice that allows them to connect, and discuss shows, programs, advertisements. It has a variety of built-in apps.

TV faces more competition now than ever. In addition to enabling viewers to “binge” watch entire seasons of shows available on Netflix at once, new shows are specifically being created for Netflix and they have also revived shows that had been canceled by TV networks. Over the last few years, Netflix has created over 100 new series’, dozens of movies, documentaries, and other programs, many of which have been very valuable.

Before, it was much more expensive to produce television shows because of network rules, required audience testing, and having to maintain ratings to be aired at all. Types of Equipment used in high definition content products are 20% more expensive and additional post-production costs (since high definition images require more editing and storage capacity).

The use of YouTube is progressively becoming a beneficial channel for stars. The advancements in technology are set to continue changing the television. Nowadays, every house has a Smart TV rather than normal television. TV has no risk in privacy & security issues while Smart TV has one of the major drawbacks of these security and privacy issues. Smart TV’s are widely being used; the chances of getting a virus are more. Some of the drawbacks are:

  • Smart TV’s will get hang or crash just like our computers.
  • There is a risk of losing privacy because of some smart TV’s inbuilt with voice recognition equipment.
  • Hackers can easily hack/theft our passwords and confidential data when we link our lap or Smartphone to this.
  • There are hidden cameras and built-in webcams on Smart TV. These cameras watch and listen to you which leads to hacking your voice.
  • Sometimes, the smart TV has a slow response like that of Smartphonesbecause of excessive load.


Technology has changed the TV industry by introducing new things from day-today. It will be compelling to see how television will adapt to these new trends and any other new technologies for distributing screen content developed in the future. Smart TV has one major drawback that privacy and security issues which lead to losing our data.

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