Motorcycle Helmet Head Up Displays All You Need to Know

Motorcycle Helmet Head Up Displays: All You Need to Know


Riding a motorcycle is getting more and more popular day by day. The motorcycle manufacturing sphere has been flourishing in the past several decades, resulting in motorcycles becoming much more comfortable as well as simpler to ride. Motorcycle Helmet Head-Up Displays: All You Need to Know

Despite the fact that riding saves people a lot of time and energy especially during traffic, yet, it can also be quite dangerous. However, at present, the motorcycle market offers a lot of tools to help riders avoid any accidents that can appear on the road. One of these tools is a head-up display.

Motorcycle head-up displays not only increase security but also provide other benefits. So let’s take a look at what any rider needs to know about head-up displays!

What is a Moto Head-Up Display

A moto head-up display is a tool that provides riders an option to have important information about the motorcycle in front of them. At first, the head-up display was built into vehicles and presented as an upgrade for newer cars since 2014.

Then, as the popularity of this tool was increasing, auto and moto manufacturers started to produce separate head-up displays, which are compatible with most of the types of cars and motorcycles.

Advantages of a Motorcycle Head-Up Display

Connection to a smartphone: Riders can connect the motor head-up display to their smartphones. By connecting the head-up display to a phone, riders are able to switch the music, read text messages, accept or reject phone calls, as well as use motorcycle GPS apps. As a result, riders get less distracted, paying more attention to the road.

Another advantage of moto head-up displays is that these devices are quite convenient, simple to install as well as easy to use. These devices allow riders to have important information on the bluetooth motorcycle helmet in their field of view, which will allow them to stay focused and look around less while riding. This also makes riding even safer. What is more, moto head-up displays are easy to install and intuitive to use.


The most important benefit of motorcycle head-up displays is the enhanced security that these devices provide. Everyone knows that distraction is one of the main reasons for motorcycle accidents. As a consequence, by reducing distraction we also reduce the possibility of getting into moto crashes. 

That said it is also important to mention that the head-up display not only makes motorcycle data accessible but also displays information from the biggest distraction in these times, smartphones, enabling riders to keep all of the information right in front of them while riding.

The Best Motorcycle Head-Up Display in the Market

The moto head-up display market has increased tremendously in past decades, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly which ones are good and worth the money. Currently, the best HUD for motorcycles that you can get is the EyeRide Head-up Display. This device not only provides all the aforementioned benefits of a HUD but also offers motorcycle BlueTooth remote and intercom.

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