Best Hair Straightening Products for the Curly Hair

Best Hair Straightening Products for Curly Hair


Curly hairs can be said to be in a class of their own, as curls are always beautiful to see in their varying twists and coils. However, maintaining curly hairs can be very challenging as the curls might not bounce properly or frizz out. They can also be hard to maintain during winter as the weather becomes dry and cold.

If you are looking to straighten your hair permanently, whether you are a newbie at keeping curly hairs or an expert at it, with the right straightening products or equipment, your transition journey can be achieved without any damage to your hair. Below are a few hacks to straighten your hair:

Straightening hair with a flat iron

Using a straightening iron to straighten out your curly hair is safe if done with the right temperature and a good hair straightener. Ensure you get a good flat iron straightener you can adjust its temperature and avoid any form of damage to your hair. Before straightening your hair, ensure you:

Wash your hair with a good anti-frizz or smoothing shampoo and conditioner to get rid of dirt or any form of dandruff. While washing your hair with shampoo, start at the tip of your hair and work your way up to the root. Use a wide-tooth comb and gently run it through your hair to detangle any curls left.

Use your conditioner and leave in for at least twenty minutes. Rinse out and gently towel dry your hair.

Use any heat-protective spray or gel of your choice depending on your hair type.

Gently divide your hair into small different portions while using a small band to hold them in place.

Plug your flat iron straightener and adjust the temperature depending on your hair type. If you have a thick or coarse curl, you can use 350-400 degree of heat or if your curl is mildly thick, you can use 300-350 degrees

Gently run your hair through the iron and be at alert at any burnt smell.

Immediately your hair starts to sizzle or smell burnt, stop and allow the iron cool off or use the heat to straighten another portion.

-When you are done straightening all the portions, apply good hair cream or serum to protect the tips of your hair to add shine

Straightening your hair naturally

You can decide to straighten your hair without heat, this is done by using homemade straightening treatments such as:


Applying milk into your dry curly hair works wonder. Arrange your hair into 5-6 sections and hold with a rubber band. Pour your milk into a spray bottle and spray into each section gently and thoroughly. Wear a satin bonnet or shower cap and leave to work its magic for 30 to 45 minutes. wash off with warm water and conditioner. Apply a good cream or oil.

Olive oil and eggs

Oils generally help to straighten out curls. Depending on the texture of your hair, break at least two eggs into a bowl, and beat thoroughly. Straightening natural hair 4c with this method, it is advisable to break 4 eggs. Add a good amount of olive oil into the mixture and mix again. Apply the mixture into your hair thoroughly. Wear a cap or satin bonnet to prevent the mixture from dripping all over your body. You can decide to leave the mixture in your hair overnight or wash off after 45 minutes with warm water. Dry gently with your towel and cream.

 Milk, Honey, and Banana

Pour any quantity of milk depending on the size of your hair and honey and mix thoroughly. Blend your bananas and add in the paste. This method is very suitable for straightening 3C hair. Leave in hair for an hour or overnight. Wash off with shampoo and rub a good serum to the root of your hair.

Hair Relaxers

For those who want to reduce their hair volume or straighten their hair permanently for at least six to eight weeks, a hair relaxer is a suitable straightening product for curly hair. Hair relaxers can either be Lye relaxers or No-lye relaxers. Lye relaxers have sodium hydroxide in them and give faster results while the no-lye relaxers have calcium hydroxide which dries out the hair sometimes. It is better you seek the professional advice of your hairdresser in selecting a relaxer.

After selecting an appropriate relaxer, partition your hair into different sections. While wearing a glove, gently apply the cream to each section of your hair from the root to the tip. Massage it into your hair carefully. Leave the relaxer in your hair for about twenty to thirty minutes depending on the texture of your hair. Rinse out with warm water. Wash your hair with shampoo and a leave-in conditioner.

Conclusively, straightening out your curls is also a good method of protecting your hair weave. If you are straightening out your curls yourself, just ensure you carefully follow the steps mentioned above and your straightened hair is good to go.

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