Top 5 Online Shopping Websites in the Bangladesh

Top 5 Online Shopping Websites in Bangladesh

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Online grocery shopping has seen a massive rise in its popularity for the last few years in Bangladesh. In 2016, online business was worth TK 4 billion in the country. It is expected to be equal to TK 70 billion by 2021. Currently, over 35 thousand individuals and over 25 thousand small and big businesses are a part of this online business platform. In this article, we have gathered some of the top online shopping sites in Bangladesh. This list will include any category of online shopping platform, it may be grocery, clothing, or anything else that are popular in Bangladesh.

Chef Cart

Chef Cart is easily one of the most reliable and customer-friendly grocery shopping platforms.Currently, their inventory consists of 11 different categories of products, baking products in Dhaka is one of them, which has over 900 different items. Their products are acquired from genuine retailers and before delivering products to consumers, their quality control team checks for the authenticity of each item to ensure that customers are getting the right products they asked for. The company’s owner is Sultan Shomrat. He is a self-made entrepreneur who is well-qualified with proper knowledge of the Bangladeshi food industry.

He aims to make online grocery shopping more fun and convenient. Chef Cart offers lower prices on most products than its competitors. They sell all types of grocery products which includes Baby Care, Baking, Beverages, Cooking, Event and Props, Fruits and Vegetable, Personal Care, Health and Nutrition, Home and Cleaning, Home Essentials, Meat, and Fish. They offer a free delivery service and are well-known for never missing any delivery.


With 6 years of service, it has established a solid presence in Bangladesh. It was founded in 2012 by MuneebMaayr. Daraz was originally a fashion e-commerce platform in Pakistan but later changed to a general marketplace. They sell products starting from consumer electronics, beauty, fashion, sports equipment, household goods, and groceries.

Their main markets are Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. In 2015, Daraz was given €50millioneuro funding to expand its business in South East Asia. United Kingdom-based CDC Group invested €20 million euro in Daraz. The company in total has over 460 million customers from which 60% are under 35 years old.


Evaly is another good choice for good quality online shopping.It was founded by Mohammad Rassel. It started as a small ecommerce platform in 16th December 2018.Rasselused to do a bank job but later resigned and founded a company called KidzDiper as well as Evaly.  Similar to Daraz, they sell all types of products. According to its founder, Evaly has sold an estimated TK 230 million worth of products between July and august in 2019.

They don’t offer cash on delivery service, rather everything is prepaid.Evaly has over 40,000 to 50,000 visitors in its peak time and around 15,000 visitors in their site during regular days. That is a huge number especially considering all these are achieved without any special promotion or events.


If you want to buy electronic devices, then Pikaboo will be the perfect choice for you.Pikaboo’s founders are Arun Gupta, Aminur Rashid, MorinTalukdar. It is headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They specialize in selling products such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, home and kitchen appliances, general electronic products, lifestyle, and digital products. Not only electronics, but they also offer other types of products such as skincare and makeup items.Pikaboo is currently owned by Silver Water Technologies Bangladesh Limited.Pikaboo offers 0% interest on its EMI schemes and provides a 3days replacement guarantee. In the electronics category, they are one of the most trusted sites. Their payment method includes cash on delivery, Bkash, and other online payments.


PriyoShop’s shopping inventory is huge. They sell products such as clothing, footwear, jewelry, accessories, electronic appliances, health care, beauty products, and many more. You can buy big and expensive items such as branded Bikes, Refrigerator and Air Coolers.PriyoShop was founded by AsikulAlam Khan Sujon. The company is active since 2013 and it is headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

They started out with 3 members and their office space was just 600 sq. ft. They currently have 5 warehouses inside Dhaka. Now they are one of the largest eCommerce shopping platforms in Bangladesh. Their products are fairly competitive compared to other sites. They are known to provide authentic fresh products. They have excellent customer service; you will be able to contact them at any point in time you want.


Bangladesh’s online platform is growing rapidly day by day. International companies are showing their interest for doing business in this country because of their high online consumer growth rate. Whether you want to buy groceries, electronics, or even something as expensive as apartments, in the near future everything will be available in the online marketplace of Bangladesh and it will be the go-to solution for most Bangladeshi. If you want to do any type of eCommerce business, now will be the perfect time to start.

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