AIoT: An Interconnected Digital Future For Better And Faster Insights


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) is now the most trending technologies in the market. While both are trending in the market and seen as future technologies, the combination of AI technology into IoT components, known as AIoT, can be the game-changer in the years to come.

Can this be the magical combination that will unlock limitless possibilities for creating a smart and interconnected digital world? Let’s have a look.

What is AIoT?

If you are wondering how AI and IoT are related, they are essentially two separate technologies fused into one with the case of AIoT. The technology will make use of IoT, which is hardware sensors that are built into machines to enable the device to communicate with the outside world using the power of the internet. IoT devices collect millions of data points and can even be used to automate processes, where the power of AI decisions comes into play.

While IoT is the nervous system, AI is the brain that provides intelligent decisions using built-in algorithms to understand patterns, make business decisions without any manual intervention, and perform specific tasks efficiently.

AIoT stands for the Artificial Intelligence of Things, unleashing the next level of IoT. It won’t just communicate and allow users to perform certain processes using several channels and use data points to create automation and make smart decisions without needing human intervention.

Key AIoT market segments

As AI and IoT combine forces, what are some of the limitless possibilities that businesses can potentially tap into? From Smart devices, wearables, home automation, and even Smart City and Smart industry projects, AIoT can enable organizations to harness the true potential of data collected for multiple devices.


Wearables like fitness bands and smartwatches enable users to track and monitor their health data and perform other activities with amazing personalization options. The addition of AIoT can only boost this further and drive more impactful decisions using data points from these devices.

For example, if you are out on the run and usually turn on the AC once you are home, your devices can now understand the pattern and communicate with each other. Meaning, when you are close to your home location, your fitness band can alert the AIoT-enabled air conditioner to start, ensuring you can enjoy a comfortable temperature once you are home.

Home Automation

Google and Alexa have already entered homes to monitor the thermostat, switch on, or switch off appliances while performing numerous other smart functions. With AIoT, these functions can be further automated, as it adds more devices that can now communicate with home automation devices. AIoT can unleash the next level of super beneficial home automation, as devices will now understand the home owner’s habits and develop automation on its own, without needing humans to intervene.


Smart City

Government organizations worldwide are looking at emerging tech to improve public safety and build efficient systems that are ideal for their citizens. From the use of AI for traffic control to providing real-time information to both concerned organizations and the citizens, AIoT can ensure smart city innovation gets effective ROI. AIoT devices can be used to monitor street lights, traffic controls and even communicate alerts or down-times in real-time.

Smart Industry

With automation and Smart devices being part of everything we do, it is only expected that industries will tap into it. AIoT can be used in industries such as manufacturing, mining, and others that rely on heavy equipment and technology. AIoT can help these industries collect real-time data points and create communication channels that will reduce human error, faster decision-making, and higher efficiency. Gartner estimates that over 80% of IoT projects in this space will also incorporate AI by 2022.

Explore limitless possibilities using AIoT

AI and IoT are already breaking the perception of what we once thought was impossible, but AIoT will only take this one step further. While IoT ensures that devices can communicate with each other, AIoT ensures this communication is meaningful. With the right opportunities and outcome-driven use, AIoT only opens a window to a more digitally connected world satellite internet vs cable.


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