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The age of medical aid has modified things forever. Everything now’s really easy and quickly accessible. All the data within the world is currently offered at one bit. youngsters currently became additionally advanced than ever before. On average, a child is introduced to the technical school lifestyle around 2 currently. the typical kid these days spends a minimum of seven hours on a tool. it’s become a matter of nice concern for several folks. With everything thus without delay offered, folks area unit disturbed that their kid could also be exposed to things that area unit on the far side their age.

As an accountable parent, it’s essential to observe what data your kid is accessing. you want to monitor the screen time app to confirm your kid isn’t overusing the device. you furthermore might have to be compelled to make sure that the content being accessed is suitable for his or her age. we tend to build your life easier by introducing the most effective parental management app for you.

What is FamiSafe?

FamiSafe may be revolutionary parental management and child watching app. it’s loaded with varied helpful options that assist you to defend your child in AN all-round- approach. this is often the most effective parental management app to determine boundaries with devices and came upon a healthy digital relationship. This has been known as the foremost reliable parental management app. several winning users round the world management screen time, track period location, and conjointly block inappropriate content for his or her youngsters.

How to use the FamiSafe app?

The FamiSafe app encompasses a sensible program and is extremely simple to navigate and use. All you wish is to register an account initially. future came upon is to line up the app on your child’s device. After that, you wish to feature the app on your phone to observe the phone usage of your kid.

What area unit some exclusive functions of the FamiSafe app?

FamiSafe is one in all its kind parental management app that helps you to stay tabs on your kid and guarantee his overall well being. Here area unit some key options that build the app the best- an in-depth activity report of complete device usage, browser and search history, screen time analysis, net filtering, a good schedule, location history, geofences, specific content detection, and far additional.

Activity report

In the age of medical aid and therefore the net, it’s essential to own AN activity report of your child’s device usage. All the oldster’s area unit involved relating to what the kid is accessing on their device, and this may facilitate to ease their worry.

FamiSafe permits you to observe all the activities during a timeline alongside the apps used recently or those that are uninstalled. It conjointly provides the newest follow-up thus you’ll understand if there’s AN app that may be dangerous for your kid.

Real-time location and geofences

This feature will facilitate folks to relax their overstrung nerves and be mitigated of their ward’s safety. you may get regular updates on the period location and therefore the travel history timeline. you’ll conjointly produce a geofence, that may be a selected safe space. this could be wont to understand wherever the kid is, for example-home, school, further categories, and far additional. you may be notified once there’s stepping out of the geofence by your youngsters.

App blocker and usage

This feature can assist you to block unwanted apps from your kid’s device. It conjointly stops neurotic app usage and addiction. This lets your youngsters be additional cantered and relaxed rather than continuously being restless. This shows you an in-depth app list alongside the usage time of every. It will assist you to monitor what quantity of time is being spent on a game or explicit app. Another feature is that the instant warning feature, which alarms the oldsters once the child tries accessing AN app that’s blocked by you. By doing this, you’re preventing the physiological, cognitive, and mental well-being of the child.

Explicit content detection

Kids currently have a rancorous angle and like doing things that they’re denied. This feature helps in police investigation SMS and photos which will be specific or have suspicious activity. this could conjointly facilitate in distinctive any activity like cyberbullying, swearing, drug exchanging of shady images, and far additional. you may understand if the kid is lying to you. It can even forestall crimes like abduction, harassment, and masquerading. Thus, you may have complete data concerning the United Nations agency your kid is reprehension and if there’s any hurt concerned.


FamiSafe is a perfect resolution for the device usage regulation of your kid. It helps in forming healthy digital relationships and establishing idealistic boundaries between what the kid is exposed to. It ensures the entire well-being and safety of your child. every move is often accessed with simply a faucet of a tip, and you’ll be mitigated that your kid is safe. FamiSafe has garnered nice reviews from folks everywhere on the planet and has become a parent’s succor. Get a FamiSafe app for your youngsters these days and place all of your digital worries trapped.

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