Lawyer SEO 2020: What Attorneys Should Know About SEO

Lawyer SEO 2020: What Attorneys Should Know About SEO


If you are an attorney struggling to find clients and finding your way through law firm websites, you are at the right place. Despite SEO creating strong chances of clients coming to you, attorneys usually shy away from it. Also, the other set of attorneys give up after trying their luck in digital marketing with zero results.

Well, you no longer need to survive on referrals or PPC because by the end of this post you will be knowing about SEO and how it should be done in 2020 with lawyer websites

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a tool that enhances your website’s visibility on all search engines, unlike paid advertising. Now, as Google is the most used search engine, digital marketing agencies focus on optimizing your website for Google. 

Any law firm website that ranks on search engines is likely to attract more new leads and conversions while putting your legal agency in a positive limelight. People looking for attorneys prefer to hire websites that have a genuine online presence, and strategically executed SEO campaigns can help you serve the purpose with relative ease. 

Why Do You Need an SEO-Friendly Website for Lawyers?

Do you know that most of your potential clients search for a law firm online? With the World relying on the Internet, these people type a question in Google and focus on the first 5 organic results. Now, the number can be the first 3 or first 6 but usually, the first 5 get 65% of clicks. 

It is obvious that if your lawyer website appears in organic search results, you can expect better success in generating more business. You can see a surge in the number of inquiries. Further, if SEO is coupled with other tactics like Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC), you can expect dramatic growth in your online performance.

All you need to do is to contact a reliable legal marketing agency and let them know your marketing goals. They will help you plan a result-oriented strategy to enjoy a shining and expansive online presence. 

SEO for Lawyers: What You Should Know?

Now, it is quite natural for you to want all of those clicks on your website. However, you need to work on your website to bring that luck to your doorstep. 

  • Good Quality Content

 Your website will automatically be better and come up on higher ranks if you focus on building better quality content on a specific subject. For instance, you can create a page for a family law firm, and simultaneously create different pages that link to family law. 

  • Number of Clicks

If your website appears as a query but people do not click on it, it shows that they don’t feel like they will find answers to their questions on your page. The more this happens, the lower is your authority on Google. Hence, making your website visible is not enough. You also need to ensure that it gets clicks. 

  • Amount of Time Spent

Your website is instantly turned on higher rank if people spend a lot of time on it. Generally called dwell time, it affects your website in a good way. Thus, people reading your article or opening multiple pages on your website increase your website authority.

  • Bounce Rate

Similar to dwell rate, if people immediately close your page after opening, it affects your rank. 

  • Your Terms with Others

How many websites do you link on your page as a source of information? Are these websites authentic? You need to create such a genuine environment that allows Google to validate you. 

If another website for lawyers features on 40 directories and your features on 100, your website is more likely to achieve higher ranks on Google.

  • Google Penalty

The authenticity of your website automatically drops when Google penalizes you. Google can penalize you for several reasons including your website loading time, website security, and whether your pages are optimized for mobile devices. 

Get Started with SEO for Lawyers and Win More Clients

To tell you the fact, SEO is a cumbersome and long process. Hence, we always recommend hiring an expert that provides SEO services for lawyers. Such agencies usually work along with a team of experts that focus on various SEO areas including listings, research, creating content for the law firm, and so forth. This makes your website achieve more internally even if you have little staff at your firm.

Apart from all that we said, there are more factors that you should consider to rank your lawyer website in 2020. Take a look – 

  • Website load speed check
  • Audit of low-quality backlinks that can potentially lead to serious penalties and risk
  • Onsite SEO 20-point performance check
  • Review of backlinks
  • Content audit
  • Overall website conversion rate audit (how good your website can sell your services)
  • Deliver custom high-level SEO strategy.

We hope this was a useful read. Keep visiting this space for more legal updates and insights. 

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