Tips To Pass CCNP Exam

Tips To Pass CCNP Exam


The examination of CCNP is Professional-Level Cisco Exam in its every aspect of networking. The level of CCNP is higher (one level) than CCNA – which is termed as Cisco – Certified – Network Associate Certificate and it often covers detailed concepts and rationalities of the models which are highlighted in CCNA formerly. The credentials of Cisco are industry-leading – networking certificates, and they seem to be the topmost trustworthy certificate in the context of abilities, talent, and knowledge. They have fixed a standard for employing companies in the way of faith and value – turning it tough to accomplish by networking candidates. 

Tips to Pass C-C-N-P Exam

CCNP is among the most important Cisco certifications and here are the tips to get the certification.

Get Your Hands-On CCNA

CCNA Examination enhances the basic level of understanding for CCNP; on the other side, you have to make aware with your C-C-N-A best, in every domain. It is the reason that CCNA is considered as the preconditions to attempt the CCNP Exam. If a person is not appropriately learned the concepts of CCNA so they would not clear the examination of CCNA.

Go Topic Wise

The course of CCNP is not like where a person would fill it up. You have to comprehend every sub-topic thoroughly and end-to-end. If you read the whole book in a single night but didn’t understand every topic in detail then it would not work for the exam of CCNP. It is very essential to practice and evaluate your skills, as well as knowledge of every topic in a useful way. You would become more self-assured when you move in advance and understand further topics in a better manner.

Hands-on Experience

If a person clears their exam of CCNA; they must be aware of the fact that the exam of Cisco can’t be pass out until you have hands-on exposure. Cisco is recommending having one to three years’ experience as soon as you attempt for CCNP certification. In that way, you would have a practical understanding of the entire Cisco C-C-N-P devices.

Make home-based labs or else go for training in Cisco – Networking – Institute – which includes Cisco Training-Labs along with most of the recent Cisco devices. The exam of Cisco is demanding 4 to 5 hours of hands-on Session once a day so that a person would understand their concepts and terminologies in a better way. The CCCNP’s concepts have to be grabbed intensely, and it would only be achieved if a person is practicing continuously in the lab until they get expertise. You would become more self-confident and learn deeply if you practice more CCNP Certification in Jeddah.

Extra Resources

The press books of Cisco are the top most guideline on account to pass the Cisco Exam. However, only these guides are not that much sufficient. You must involve yourself in so many places at the same time. Introduce yourself with Google Forums so that you can resolve your questions there, keep following the blogs of Cisco to make yourself upgraded on most recent activities, which kind, of course, is updated, changed, or eliminated. Consider C-C-N-P authors, keep reading those books, and see videos too.  Keep trying to be in an enlightening environment. Let suppose, keep yourself close with those who are already in a similar boat just like you. This would make you encouraged and highlight exciting expressions in discussions.

One Topic at a Time

It is to be said that do not read the book from cover-to-cover instead of that learn one by one every topic. Before moving to the other topic, you must learn the previous one, understood it, practiced it, as well as get proficiency in it. Entire configurations must be done by your self and keep practicing on it unless you attain it. Learning one by one would make you self-assured and also assist to get prepared for the CCNP Exam.

Do not only stick to a single book, walk around your choices, and learn in that way. Always ensure that you are spending your time in the right domain to collect the info and the knowledge which you have learned. This would assist you further. Select a topic, make research on it, learn the whole concept, and then select another topic.

Cisco Certified Mentors

They own the experience, level of understanding, and abilities to pass the exam. They are made aware of the skills to provide you training. On the other hand, they would assist a person to set their plan chart, as well as they would enable you to learn the entire topics right after the one. Their capability and expertise on account to make their selves upgraded would assist you a lot. In case you get trapped in any stage, they are always available to provide you guidance and help you. It is much faster as compared to search your problems on the website and resolve every single thing on your level.


Relaxation is considering as one of the major tips to pass the CCNP exam. You can take one day off at a good time. Do not make yourself overload with the entire network. If you don’t relax and calm then all this would create big chaos, in return, you might do mistakes on those queries of which you previously know what the actual answer was. It is recommended to take a break once you are going for an exam and make yourself self-confident. You know every single thing. Yes, you would achieve it.


The person who attains Cisco certification ensures the organizations have resources to manage the tasks. Clearing the examination of CCNP can’t be done in a single night. In the meanwhile, if you have decided to earn the certificate of Cisco then you should stand by your decision and keep practicing as working hard would pay you a result. In today’s physical world and technological development, CCNP certifications are valuable because they allow an engineer to maintain, keep changing, and find ways to adapt the system to new technology. New technologies appear every day, as well as systemic risks and threats. 

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