Funeral Live-Streaming During a Pandemic

Funeral Live-Streaming During a Pandemic

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Pandemic has affected every aspect of life in a way no one imagined. Living with this pandemic is becoming the new normal. It halted everyday life and locked us behind the doors of our homes. Homes started feeling like jails, where the outdoor world became unsafe for everyone. In these challenging times, life goes on, births and deaths continue in the same cycle they have been in from the beginning of life. But, this pandemic has changed the way we respond to them.

Death is a reality that has no deny. We lose loved ones, sometimes early and sometimes later on in life. The biggest drawback of this coronavirus pandemic is that it hampered group activities such as funerals. Who could think of not attending the funeral of a dear one like a close friend, family member, or someone we know. But, the risk of getting infected by this virus increases.

Authorities make sure that such gatherings are avoided, and funerals are done with as lesser people as possible. There might be consequences if a large funeral is held during the pandemic. But, one cannot live under the burden of not having to see their loved ones for the last time take part in their funeral. One might think governments and authorities are not doing the right thing by preventing people from making large gatherings at funerals. But it’s not true; they are trying to protect people from the deadly virus.

Recently, this never before the seen virus has been found to mutate itself into more deadly variations that spread 70% faster than the initial Covid-19 virus. The little bit of ease in lockdowns across the globe has been lifted off and strict lockdowns are implemented again. Have you ever wondered? What if someone close to your heart dies during these tough times? And you are not allowed to attend their funeral? How sad and destructive these thoughts are. But, we cannot put our as well as other’s life at risk.

Another possibility is that someone we care about gets infected by the virus and loses the battle of life. In this case, hardly any member of the family is allowed to attend the funeral, and its taken care of by the professionals. It’s really heart wrenching to not be able to attend someone’s funeral we spent so much of our life with. But, the coronavirus is a sad reality that has swallowed the life of millions around the world and it can affect anyone regardless of age, area, and race. Many politicians and leaders have become its target, although most of them survived, some numbers couldn’t.

All of these limitations in these challenging times gave rise to a new concept of attending funerals known as funeral live streaming during a pandemic. This new concept has changed the way of being present at the funerals without becoming the reason for the spread of the disease. If we have a close look at this concept, it’s equally beneficial during pandemic times and after that. Surrey crematorium webcast eases the process of attending a funeral by staying in the comfort and protection of your home. It is a dependable funeral live streaming service that has revolutionized the way we attended funerals.

If you or someone from your loved one is quarantined due to the presence of the virus, you are not allowed to leave the boundaries of your home. Imagine if someone you love dies? Firstly, this sad news is enough to wrench your heart and then you get to know you can’t attend their funeral. But now, with funeral live streaming through Surrey crematorium webcast you can include yourself in this time of grief and sorrow.

Keeping the pandemic in view, flights are not operational. If you live in another country, reaching the funeral of a loved one can be a challenge. But don’t worry Surrey crematorium webcast has got your back. It will let you attend the funeral just as you were there with everyone. This funeral live streaming service is very dependable; you can witness the funeral in a high-quality video without any distortion and issues.

Funerals are without a doubt a tough time for us all, but with the Surrey crematorium webcast, we can be with our loved ones and make sure we attend the funeral and witness the final rituals of the special one we’ve lost.


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