Top restaurants with private dining rooms in Dubai

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If you live in District One Villas Dubai and have never visited a private dining room, then you are missing out on something fantastic.

An unforgettable meal with your favorite friends, a corporate lunch, or a celebration – Dubai’s private dining rooms are the perfect location to make dining exposure more unique. From carefully designed menus to an exclusive dining room, this blog looks at the best restaurants in Dubai with a private dining option.

What does private dining mean?

Private dining refers to an exclusive, personalized dinner, in a most secluded environment in a restaurant. People typically prefer private dining restaurants in Dubai or elsewhere to celebrate or hold a function. 

Many restaurants with private dining options offer both personalized and fixed menus for you to select from.

Are all private dining places only at fine dining places in Dubai?

No, not always. The private dining experience can be both informal and formal. It depends entirely on the restaurant you want. It is typically high-end restaurants, however, that offer separate rooms for private dinners in Dubai. At certain places, you might be charged additional charges for an individual and isolated dining space.

The following are the best private dining rooms available in Dubai:


This modern restaurant covers an artfully appointed private dining room downstairs. Named the Chef’s Table, this small private dining room in Dubai can host up to 12 guests simultaneously. 

Strategically positioned right next to the kitchen, the Chef’s Table allows visitors the opportunity to see their meals cooked without violating their privacy.

Shanghai Me

Pair your isolated dining choice with a luxurious Asian meal at Shanghai Me. The restaurant is a perfect place to dine if you’re looking for top-notch food that doesn’t charge you a hand or a leg. 

Shanghai Me offers you excellent value for your money, both in terms of taste and atmosphere.

IL Borro

Il Borro Tuscan Bistro, a renowned al fresco dining cafe in Dubai, also provides private dining for its customers. 

Serving tasty Italian meals, the restaurant has both preset and custom menus to pick from should you choose to have a private meal. 

This choice for private dining in Dubai also comprises a stunning setting on the waterfront, should you want to engage yourself in an incredible atmosphere.


Wakame is one of the best sushi kitchens in Dubai, situated downtown. With a terry dining area split off by a glass wall, Wakame provides one of the finest private dining rooms in Dubai. 

Match exclusivity with their lavish Japanese menu and tasty snacks that are great for sharing and you have the ultimate location for private celebrations.


One of the newest entrants to the Asian food market in Dubai, Hutong is a conventional Chinese restaurant that features a gloomy, moody aesthetic.

The Hutong private dining room in Dubai can be used as a sheltered dining area or a large conference space, depending on your needs. 

Mix those elements with Hutong’s ideal set menu, and your event is sure to be a success.


Search for the best-secluded spot to share a private lunch with your business associates? Amazonico is famed for its great business lunches! 

Step up your experience with a private dining room that provides total anonymity, separate access from a private elevator, and plenty of natural light. 

If the meeting continues long enough before sundown, the Amazonian private dining room in Dubai still has access to their spectacular rooftop area.


This one wins as one of the finest high tea locations in Dubai, At.mosphere is also one of the restaurants with private dining rooms in Dubai. Located on the 122nd floor of the majestic Burj Khalifa, this exclusive dining area overlooks the crowded Sheik Zayed Road and other city views. 

Enticing you with a fantastic taste of sumptuous cuisine and total privacy – At.mosphere is a great choice for private dining in Dubai.


Famous for Dubai business lunches, Zuma is also used in Dubai’s elegant private dining rooms. Their private dining room in Dubai is wide enough to fit 20 guests at a time, but can be separated into smaller spaces depending on your requirements. 

You will taste award-winning restaurant dishes in a private atmosphere personalized to your needs. One of the biggest benefits of living in Port De La Mer Dubai is that you can easily try out all of these restaurants. Make the best out of your ideal location and try these out now! 

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