Multiple LinkedIn Accounts: Here’s What You Need To Know

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Buy Linkedin Accounts! So you may have few career paths besides your day job, right? Probably, you run few small businesses for some extra money. Whatever it is! Now you need two or even more LinkedIn accounts for marketing purpose. 

Can I Have Two LinkedIn Accounts? 

You can have two LinkedIn accounts for marketing purpose although it’s not legal according to LinkedIn terms of service. All you need to do is to create multiple personal accounts on the Google Chrome browser in order to protect them banned by LinkedIn. 

I’m now going to let you know each and everything you should know if your intention is to run multiple LinkedIn accounts at the same time. So, make sure that you have read the article from top to bottom. 

What’re The Advantages Of Having Two Or More LinkedIn Accounts? 

It goes without saying that there are a few advantages of having two or multiple LinkedIn accounts at the same time for those who want to promote his/her products or services in less time across the world.

So you’re most welcome for taking the right decision for your business. This simple decision will help you to multiple the annual revenue of your business. 

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Having Multiple LinkedIn Accounts At The Same Time? 

No. There is no side effect of having multiple LinkedIn accounts at the same time. However, I’ve mentioned previously that it’s a crappy job that LinkedIn doesn’t want to happen. 

Hence, you may get banned by LinkedIn if you browse multiple LinkedIn accounts from the same personal account of your browser, whatever it’s Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and etc. 

So How To Safely Browser Multiple LinkedIn Accounts With The Same Device: 

So now the question is how you can safely browse multiple LinkedIn accounts in order to protect yourself from being banned by LinkedIn. 

Let me tell you that you can do this if you create multiple personal accounts on your browser with unique information. If you do this, LinkedIn will consider your activity as a different human being. 

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Will Two Or More LinkedIn Accounts Impact Positively On My Business?

Needless to say that two or multiple LinkedIn accounts will positively impact your business. What you need to do is to gather knowledge on how to promote any products or services on LinkedIn. 

However, if you own few aged LinkedIn accounts for marketing purpose, it’ll definitely positively impact your business in the long run. 

Final Words: 

You can have two LinkedIn accounts. But you have to have knowledge about how to utilize them and protect them banned by LinkedIn. 

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