Best OSRS Items for Flipping

Best OSRS Items for Flipping


So you have been looking for more ways to earn OSRS gold but you don’t want to have to resort to having to buy OSRS gold. If that is the case, then here are a few items that you can flip in OSRS instead of searching for someone to sell OSRS gold to you. The art of OSRS flipping is an effective way for you to earn OSRS money in the game, by buying an item at a low price before selling it at a higher price to make a decent profit. Before we get started, make sure you are checking the ever price change of OSRS items at the Grand Exchange.


With Iron Ore, we have a few different choices to choose from as we have for the other options that you will see shortly. You can focus on flipping OSRS the likes of OSRS Gold, Coal, and Iron ore to turn a profit. Coal for example has a value of up to 4 OSRS GP. You can buy 13,000 of these every four hours too so you can expect a tidy profit. Runite and Adamantite ore are also worth considering, though you might have to wait to see what profit you can make. It is also worth reiterating the point that item prices do change on the Grand Exchange, but Runite ore does usually sit at around 50 OSRS GP.


You will find yourself buying food a lot during your time in Old School RuneScape. With that being said, it does mean that it is a common trading item. Some useful pieces of food can be swordfish and lobster since you can get 15,000 of them every four hours. Whilst you are looking at profits of up to 10 OSRS GP for each one, you can make over 1000,000 GP in uncooked versions of these OSRS items. The process can be repeated for cooked versions, of which you can purchase 6,000 every four hours to make a profit of around 50,000 GP.


Next, we have logs, of which you can spend every four hours getting 15,000 Maple, Willow, and Oak logs, as well as 12,000 Yew logs. The Willow and Maple logs have a value of 1 OSRS GP, but the turnaround is pretty quick so you can expect a profit of around 15,000 GP. The real money however comes with Yew and Oak logs, which can net you over 100,000 GP since they are worth about 10 GP each.


This is where you will find the real money makers. The runes you should look into mainly are the Chaos, Death, Nature and Cosmic runes to make a great profit. The Death rune has a buy limit of 10,000 per four hours, whilst the other three sit at 12,000. With a profit of around 4 OSRS GP each, you can expect a quick turnaround when it comes to selling them. In fact, you could make as much as 40,000 GP in five minutes, meaning that OSRS flipping all four runes would make you 160,000 GP in the same amount of time.

For the most profit, you want to get your hands on rune items. These include the likes of Rune scimitars, axes, helms, platebodies, swords, and so on. As these Old School RS items are often sought after not only for F2P players but also members, you can more or less guarantee a fast sale. With that in mind, you can make a profit of up to 400 GP for each item to flip in these instances.

All of these types of OSRS items are great for item flipping. This can be a very reliable way for you to make OSRS gold in the game. That being said, you do need to make sure that you are keeping a close eye on what you are looking into selling. After all, the fluctuating price item can make all the difference in the tactics that you use for flipping items.

The benefit of these OSRS items is that they are friendly for F2P accounts. If you haven’t decided to get a membership yet, then these are good ways to make gold without a doubt. It is worth mentioning that getting a membership will allow you access to a great deal more content if you are looking to experience Old School Runescape to its fullest. If you would prefer to keep your account free, and want to make the most of getting OSRS gold, then we strongly recommend that you look into flipping items before looking for OSRS GP for sale.

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