Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farming 

Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farming 

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If you want to know the best ways in which you can farm bitcoin, then this is what you need to get started.

The farming for bitcoin Tarkov has to offer works around upgrades that you can make to your hideout so that you can generate income. That being said, without the know-how it is rather difficult to pull off. Therefore, this short guide will take a look into how you can make the most of this feature. 

It would be fair to say that Escape from Tarkov does have a fair bit for players to get their heads around when playing the game for the first time. You might have seen terms like Bitcoin or lucky scav junkbox thrown around and wonder what they might mean. It is a great game once you have more of an understating of what is going on, and here we will be discussing just how you can take advantage of the likes of Bitcoin, and what is needed in order for you to start generating a regular amount of them. 

What are Bitcoins, and How do I Get Them?

In Escape from Tarkov, Bitcoins serve as treasure items that you can sell for Roubles or trade with vendors. You can get them as rare drops, and are also found in the likes of caches, jackets, safes, and sports bags. You can also find them in Shtruman’s crate as well. It is worth emphasizing Bitcoins are a very rare commodity in the game, and your only assured option is to use a Bitcoin farm. 

The use of a Bitcoin farm is generating income from your hideout, which is an alternative to the use of the Scav Case. It will make Bitcoins at a rate that is steady so that you only need a GPU on the farm and have a generator that is switched on.

Making a Farm

To make the farm itself you are going to need a lot of money to invest and several upgrades to your hideout being made. For level 2 upgrades, you will need a level 2 Intelligence Center, Generator, Stash, and Vents. You will also need level 3 upgrades, which include a level 3 Medstation, Security, Lavatory, Illumination, and Nutrition Unit. 

Using your Farm

Now that your farm is ready to go, you will be able to start farming, which will depend on the amount of GPU you have on the farm itself. One Graphics Card will make a single Bitcoin for every 20 hours, so your goal is to get this time a bit lower. You can do so by upgrading your farm so that you can add more Graphics Cards. One that is fully stocked at level 1, which can hold 10 Graphics Cards. This would make a Bitcoin every 12 hours and 50 minutes, whilst a level 2 farm can hold 25 GPUs, and a level 3 farm can have up to 50. With that in mind, having 50 GPUs means that you can make a Bitcoin in just five hours. 

So now that you have an idea of how you can make your farm, you might be wondering how many Bitcoins you can farm at once. It is vital to note that a farm can hold three Bitcoins, so it will ultimately come down to how many hours you are willing to put into the game. For example, if you are going to invest by adding 15 GPUs or above but you only play a few times a week, then it isn’t really going to be worth investing in. This is because you won’t be putting enough time in to benefit from it. 

That being said, even if you were to play on a daily basis, you should still keep your focus on having no more than around 25 GPUs. As strange as it may sound, your overall payoff is going to take longer by using as many GPUs, so keep this in the forefront of your mind throughout the process and accept crypto payments

So there you have it, you should now be a bit more clued up on what you can expect when attempting to get yourself a regular income of Bitcoin Tarkov has to offer. With that being said, you will need to pay close attention to the number of GPUs that you are using so that you are able to take full advantage of the methods that you are using. Either way, at least you are able to gather the relevant upgrades so that you can finally get started on your very own Bitcoin farm. 

Have you managed to make your own Bitcoin farm? Let us know in the comments section below!


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