NetSuite E-Commerce: The best Omni-commerce solution

NetSuite E-Commerce: The best Omni-commerce solution


SuiteCommerce is more than E-Commerce, it is an Omni-Commerce solution that adapts to your current and future business needs, being able to integrate your different sales channels with financial management, marketing, customer service, order management, and inventory.

The same solution supports different business models to reach the market: direct to consumers (B2C), indirect via distributors or resellers (B2B2C), or inter-company (B2B).

Build your business around your customers

Humanize the relationship with your client

Counting on a unique and valuable view of your clients, you will be able to give a personal meaning to the relationship and make relevant recommendations, throughout their journey on your website, that can be perceived as a valuable service.

The same shopping experience, whether physical or digital

Your customers want a consistent and personalized experience. Let them move freely between the physical store and the online store.

Satisfy these desires and earn brand loyalty, while driving the growth of your business

Deliver the digital autonomy your customers want

Empower your customers with technology that supports their business needs to maximize their purchasing efforts, minimize manual labor, and give them self-management capabilities.

Integrate the needs of your customers with order management

Let them buy, receive and return anywhere while maximizing your profitability, increasing the speed of inventory turns and reducing operating costs. With MailChimp NetSuite integration, you automate and manage the life cycle of each order to ensure flawless synchronization.

Expand your business horizon

Break down barriers and conquer new markets

Accelerate the growth of your business by accessing new channels, geographies and brands on the same platform. SuiteCommerce is capable of creating and managing multiple B2B and B2C sites for different brands, countries, currencies and languages. In addition to managing your own e-commerce stores, you can manage the marketplaces in which you are present: Amazon, eBay, etc.

Transform the way you interact with other companies

Create websites for business-to-business commerce, deliver a shopping experience as if it were an end consumer (B2C), satisfying the unique business requirements of these users.

It grows with speed and autonomy

SuiteCommerce evolves with you. As you need it, you can add more capabilities with our advanced version in a seamless transition.

Personalize your customer experience

Extract value from your customers’ fingerprint

Capitalize on the digital trail left by your customers when visiting your website. By knowing their interactions and research on the web, you can improve marketing effectiveness and get your sales off the ground.

Let your commercial creativity turn into promotion!

Drive engagement, loyalty, and sales by quickly creating multiple promotions that are engaging, flexible, and scalable, and deliver them across all sales channels, delivering a seamless and rewarding brand experience.

Make wishes come true!

An abandoned cart is a desire to buy, take advantage of this digital footprint to send timely and personal marketing campaigns that turn that wish into reality.

Good content doesn’t just work, it makes us feel …

Manage product content to influence and accelerate purchasing decisions.

Consolidate and centrally manage, with flexibility and ease of use, all product attributes and information across all channels. 

Focus on your business 

Everything you can measure; you can improve it!

Make your company smarter and more competitive with key indicators that arise from the automation of information and help measure the metrics of your multiple channels.

Simplify your operation the future is yours!

Invest your time in your business, instead of managing IT infrastructure. SuiteCommerce offers a reliable, secure, scalable, high-availability, and high-performance cloud environment.

SuiteCommerce works natively with NetSuite mobile app and NetSuite ERP and is an open platform with capabilities to integrate with any backend system through APIs.

NetSuite E-Commerce: The best Omni-commerce solution

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