How to Write an Introduction for Coursework

How to Write an Introduction for Coursework


Coursework is a bit different from dissertations, research papers, and essays- sometimes it may involve a combination! Although some students spend less time preparing it, it requires adequate effort and time than the ordinary essay. To write a good coursework paper, you need a good introduction as well. Introduction and conclusion are significant parts of coursework, and lecturers pay close attention to them. The key to attaining good grades is writing an attention-grabbing and informative introduction. Wondering how to write such an introduction for coursework? EssayMojo, a coursework writing service outlines, the following steps that will guide you in writing an excellent, attention-grabbing introduction that will guarantee you high grades:


  1. Review methodological recommendations– The work should adhere to your department’s requirements. Mainly, you should read guidelines on how to write an introduction. Generally, the introduction and conclusion in coursework should comprise 10% and 5-10% of the word count, respectively. It is also worth noting that the two sections do not necessarily need the headings “conclusion” and “introduction”, as in reports.
  2. Hook statement– Begin with a sentence that introduces the topic and grabs the reader’s attention. The opening statement can be anecdotes, statistics, quotes, or questions related to the coursework topic. It will ensure that your introduction is not dull and introduce the reader to the striking points of your argument. 
  3. Background information– In this part, you need to illustrate the relevance of your topic. Begin by describing the information a reader requires to understand the topic. You can also highlight some definitions in this topic. Furthermore, remember to outline the topic’s significance and why it needs to be examined- this will also inform the reader what you will address in the coursework.
  4. Identifying the research question or problem– After providing background information on the topic, you need to highlight a knowledge gap, contradiction, or particular issue that the paper addresses. The identified research question or problem will provide direction for it and define its purpose. 
  5. Defining the goals of your paper– Here, you need to inform the reader of what you hope to achieve in the coursework, based on the outlined research question. For instance, the purpose may be establishing the relationship between particular phenomena or filling a knowledge gap.
  6. Writing a thesis statement– The statement presents the argument or points discussed in the paper. It is usually the last sentence in the introduction. For instance, you can begin with “In light of the question, I will make the following argument…”


Although write an introduction for the coursework may seem complicated, following these simple steps and knowing what to write in advance will make it easier and help you pass your examination. Do not forget to create an outline for your introduction before beginning to make your writing process efficient and faster!


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