Microsoft Excel it is an electronic-based spreadsheet who’s application is there which enables the users to store, organize, calculate and also it manipulate the data with the formulas which has been using the  system of spreadsheet which broken up by rows and also with the columns. excel interview questions also provides the flexibility to use an database which is an external to do analysis along with making of report, preparing about the submission and allotment of important files also with make time table for exams in school and listing down glossary items in home and many more things.


Here are 5 powerful functions which make the work easier and it is also important to learn;


  1. The SUM Function- This function is mostly the function that is used when it comes to computing data on an excel spreadsheet. This function even works to sum a group of numbers in a specific set of cells. This indicates that you are not really required to type a long cumbrous formula that can be calculated.


  1. The TEXT Function- This TEXT function is a very useful tool as they help to convert a date or a number into the text string in a format that is in a particular way. This function falls in the category of the formula of the string.


  1. The VLOOKUP Function- This VLOOKUP function is a very powerful function in the excel that it is often overlooked. All the users will find this  function useful when they want to find specific data on a large table.


  1. The AVERAGE Function- This function of average is an extremely useful tool as this helps to get average values in a range of the cells. Just like SUM function this function is also used for computing and analyzing the data on  the spreadsheet.

  1. The CONCATENATE Function- This is a function which is a good saver of time as when you are required to combine data from 2 or more cells. It turns into a single cells as it merges tools which physically merges either two cells or more than two cells.


  1. What is Microsoft Excel?

  1. Microsoft Excel is and electronic based worksheet or it is a application of  spreadsheet which is used for organizing, storing and also manipulating and also analyzing the data.

  1. What do you understand by cells?

  1. Cells are those areas where all the information or data has been stored.


  1. Does each cell have an unique address?

  1. Yes, it is true that each and every cell has an unique address which depends on the row and for the column value of the cell.


  1. How can you add cells, rows or columns in the Excel?

  1. It is very easy to add cells, rows or columns in the excel sheet by simply right clicking the cell you want to add to and after that select insert from the cell menu. In this the insert menu helps in to add a cell, a column or a row and also to shift the cells which can be affected by the additional cell.

  1. How would you format a cell? What are the options?

  1. A cell can be formatted by using many format cells options. Here are those 6 format cells options;







  1. What is the use of comment? How to add comments to a cell?

  1. The usage of comments are as followed;

Comments are used to clarify the purpose of the cells.

Comments are used to clarify a formula which is used in the cell.

Comments are also used to leave notes for the other users about the cell.

  1. What does the red triangles indicate at the top right hand corner of the cell?

  2. The red triangle which is at the top right hand corner of the cell which indicates that there is a comment which has been linked to the cell which is a particular.

  3. How would you add comments to a cell?

  4. If you want to add a comment to a cell you are first required to right click the cell and than choose insert comment from the cell menu. The red triangle indicates that there is a comment which is linked to the particular cells.

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