Top 20 Best PPC Tools For Spying On Your Competition

Top 20 Best PPC Tools For Spying On Your Competition


There’s a fair chance that your rivals have discovered some fantastic keywords, display advertising, and social ads that make a lot of money for them. Wouldn’t it would be great if you get to know what works for them and boost their performances?

There are a lot of methods for PPC spying that you can use for the constant growth of your business. You can checkout why you need to hire best ppc expert who can help you to spy on your competition by using the below-mentioned tools.

1.Adwords Account

Interestingly, the strongest Adwords Spy Tool doesn’t cost much and is easy for anyone in the Google Adwords account. Did you realize that all the top advertisers vying for the same keywords that you are targeting can be viewed?

The Audience Insights report will show you the list of domains, their share of views, average location, above-rate position, top page rate, and overriding share:

To set a strong basis for more keyword analysis, use this method. Create a list of the biggest competitors and use spy tools for AdWords to discover their best secrets and practice.


Follow provides you a comprehensive view of your rival’s activities. The browser extension is easy to use and provides useful insights into competitive intelligence that help you to decide for yourself.

Follow incorporates all competitor spy functionality under one roof, making it the ideal tool to perform an insightful investigation on each competitor. It’s super easy to use Follow as it acts as an extension to the browser. Simply go to the landing page of a competitor and toggle on the extension to get insights from the competitor.


For your regular PPC operation, Serpstat is an invaluable tool. In a paid search, locate your rivals and evaluate their advertising. To find out what important keywords you could miss in your ads, perform a parallel analysis of your most popular competitors. Count the estimated PPC campaign budget for the competitor to build your own. And yes, it’s all going to take just a couple of minutes.

When it comes to staying ahead of your rivals, Serpstat is a fantastic tool to have at your disposal. You can use the keyword map of Serpstat to decide what place these keywords take on what pages.


SpyFu is a beautifully robust platform for PPC analysis that will give you loads of strategic insights. SpyFu helps you to distinguish the best advertisements from the rest by using the advertisement history of your rival. It allows you to check the message that works for the same audience with which you are attempting to communicate.

SpyFu also has a great keyword overlap tool that highlights how many keywords match your competitors’ AdWords keywords.


Using SEMrush you can monitor keywords, analyze competitors’ advertisements, including ad copies and advertisement history with the aid of the PPC Keyword tool. More importantly, you can customize campaigns and can export and upload anything you intend to your AdWords account seamlessly.

Another cool thing about SEMrush is that it gives you the real-time results of the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), so you’ll get an up-to-date overview.


PPC specialists will save hundreds of hours of trial and error with iSpionage’s patented Keyword and Ads Effectiveness Index (KEI & AEI) to identify the most appropriate keywords and ad copies for their campaign.

In addition, the Consumer Journey reports and Campaign Watch from iSpionage help marketing executives gain information not just on keywords and ad copy, but also on innovative, competitor deals from the landing pages.

You’ll get detailed reports on their top-performing keywords while searching for a rival domain. With a single click, you can also discover their exact text from Google Advertising. This spy tool also lets you track the landing pages of your rivals, and will alert you when there is an update.


KeywordSpy is a great method for PPC spy to find the secret jewels of the competition. Insert your particular domain name and get valuable tips about keywords. This may not be your go-to PPC research method if you’re into very intuitive interfaces.


Use SimilarWeb to identify the top keywords that drive traffic for any specific app (or website) and then add a rival for comparison, either choosing it from the suggested list or something else altogether!

SimilarWeb is a fantastic addition to your armory which covers many facets of PPC analysis, from spying on keywords of rivals to optimizing your landing pages.


WhatRunsWhere offers traffic sources, advertising, and landing pages with scoring so that you can determine what works for your competitors. You can use this data to integrate into your own promotions and invest your digital marketing budget more effectively as it is easy to see top-performing creatives and sites.

WhatRunsWhere also enables comprehensive profiles of advertisers, ad networks, and categories to be accessed. These profiles allow you to quickly discover new advertisers, find new leads, and much more.

10.Who Is Retargeting Me

 Who Is Retargeting Me is a handy little guide to tell you exactly who’s going to re-target you. Only go to the website and it will pull up which businesses are driving advertisements your way automatically.


Adbeat is an incomparably powerful method while operating on your digital ad strategy. This tool can allow you to see the particular categories of publishers where rivals invest their ad budgets, find unknown rivals and new advertisers, get publisher reviews for your advertising, among other items.

Adbeat has data on more than 90+ ad networks, making it a perfect tool for surveillance beyond the Google Display Network’s borders.


Are you looking for the best rival display ads? Find new traffic sources? Expand your campaign’s scope? AdClarity has the resources to support all three aspects of display advertising.


BoxOfAds is an innovative tool that gives you a detailed idea about your competitor’s website. You’ll be able to explore the ad creatives of all your rivals through tens of publisher pages.

You can see all the banner advertising is used by a particular competitor in the display ads section, along with data on how well this banner has done and where. BoxOfAds also has the spying function for Text Ads, showing an advertiser all the new advertisements.


MixRank is a wonderful spy tool for all platforms. To provide you with the latest information about your rivals’ landing pages, promotions, and innovations, MixRank crawls the whole internet. If you are trying to find new competitors, the comprehensive search tool of MixRank will help you locate new players on the market. is the largest archive of examples of Facebook ads in the world. You can search and filter the ads of your rivals in countless ways, including the most viral ads, ads with 50+ comments, videos that are most loved, ads with the best reactions, ads that have been released in the past 24 hours.

One downside of is that it practically gets you addicted to browsing all of the world’s biggest brands’ ingenious ad ideas.


AdEspresso has more than thousands of new ads and is one of the biggest advertising galleries, both for Twitter and Facebook ads. The ad gallery of AdEspresso is somewhat close to The best way to find advertisements for every medium is to utilize this app.

17.SE Ranking

If you have not invested in the PPC competitor tool of SE Ranking, then you are really missing out on some hot results. Not only can you display a list of all competitors in a specific SE ranking keyword, but you can also learn how to aggressively outstrip them!

Well, for both paid and organic searches, you can also discover what advertisements and keywords a URL/domain is ranked for. You can also segment the ranking details into separate intervals.

18.Simply Measured

Simply Measured provide feedback from a large number of won interactions and profile info. So that we can re-target the opportunities that can be identified by analyzing how people interact with organic content based on the user segments that use clear metrics and paths for optimization.

Simply Measured is an ingenious analytical method for social marketing that helps decide which of your campaigns performs best. Use this tool to equate your social media profiles with those of your rivals.


With Snitcher linked to Google Analytics, you can monitor who visits your site and what they are doing in real-time. You will also find out how they found you before they came upon your website and what they were looking for.


Perhaps you don’t want to spend four hours per week crawling through the PPC landing pages of your rivals and tracking their best practices. You can get all the sweet insights on this tool. The automated landing page capture tool from Stillio to do the job for you. Save any competing URL that you want to track, and every day as Stillio automatically snaps a screenshot.

Final words

Knowing the top-performing keywords and other details of your rivals gives you a significant advantage. Hire PPC expert from a reputed company who can help you crack your competitors’ strategy and make your business the number one in your sector.

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