Are you thinking about how long does Hair Transplant Last?

Are you thinking about how long does Hair Transplant Last?

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Are you wondering what a hair transplant is? Who requires a hair transplant procedure? How long does a hair transplant last? How to qualify for a hair transplant process? Aren’t these the instant questions that arise in your mind when you talk about hair transplant procedures?  

Don’t worry! You have hit the right point, in this article I will answer the questions that you are looking for an answer to. Keep reading so that you achieve the information that you have been searching for. 

What is Hair Transplant? 

A hair transplant is a procedure that involves the removal of hair follicles from the donator area by either of the two most popular techniques. Follicular Unit Extraction includes the removal of individual hair follicles and Follicular Unit Transplant involves the removal of a strip of skin which is then used to extract the hair follicles and the transplant procedure is then completed. 

Both techniques are widely used all around the world by many people suffering from hair loss. After some time post-recovery hair follicles produce healthy hair growth and help in the development of hair density. You can even have professional high-quality service of hair transplant in Karachi a city in a third world country Pakistan.

How long does a hair transplant last? 

The longevity of the hair transplant is the main concern of the patients getting the surgery. The hair transplant procedure is a long-lasting process as hair follicle transplantation produces natural results. The new hair blends perfectly with the former hair as the implanted hair follicles will have similar hair color, texture and will function similarly to your hair. The natural hairline produced will last forever. In case of hair loss in the future at another site, a hair transplant can again help.  

Therefore hair transplant is a permanent solution. Hair transplants after 10 years will continuously provide the best results. However, if you have a hair loss history in your family talks to your doctor and seek his advice since a hair transplant procedure can be taken more than once.  

How much does a hair transplant cost? 

A hair transplant is a technique that is an expensive hair loss remedy. As compared to the nonsurgical methods hair transplant can be hurtful to your wallet. A transplant generally costs $4000-$15000. However, this is not the exact cost. The price may vary due to the number of hair follicles being transplanted. There are also some other factors affecting the hair transplant price. 

These factors are: 

  • The experience of the surgeon
  • The area
  • The clinic 
  • The quality of the equipment used

Is a hair transplant painful? 

A straightforward and to-the-point answer is: No, a hair transplant is not painful. This is because of the local anesthesia used and the medications that are consumed after the surgery. Nevertheless, an operative process is never completely painless. Discomfort and slight pain are possible during or after the procedure. 

What includes before and after the hair transplant? 

Hair transplant before and after involves many aspects. Before a hair transplant, you must prepare for the surgery. It covers the hunt for the best hair transplant surgeon, a reputed clinic to achieve the best results. Then the postoperative precautions and protocol to follow to get ready for surgery. 

After the surgery, understanding the after-effects of the hair transplant surgery and following the instructions of the surgeon that include the postoperative medications and care. 

 Recovery and the result both are to be considered after the hair transplant. Recovery is a quick and abrupt process after the hair transplant. However, results take some time to appear. The actual and spectacular results come up six to twelve months post-surgery. 

A hair transplant is a permanent and risk-free hair restoration technique. Select the best surgeon for your surgery to achieve the desired results. Remember a hair transplant method produces wonderful results but each body has different reactions to the treatment. So, be patient and calm for a year after the procedure to obtain noticeable reactions. 

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