Solar Power: Does Solar Make Sense in Oregon?

Solar Power: Does Solar Make Sense in Oregon?


Are you trying to jump onto the green trend? More and more people are trying to shrink their carbon footprints, and you could be one of them. One of the best ways that you can start living a more eco-friendly lifestyle is by switching to solar power. 

If you’re anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, you might wonder if a solar power system is worth it. With all of the gloomy and rainy days, how much sun can you really get? 

We’re here to help you decide if getting solar power in Oregon is worthwhile. Keep reading to learn more. 


Did you know that the government offers people certain incentives if they decide to go solar? 

The first of those incentives is a rebate for anyone who’s installing a new solar power system or storage system for their home. People who are in low to moderate-income brackets can get a rebate for up to 60% of the cost of their new solar panels. 

People who are above that income level can get a rebate for up to 40% of the cost of solar panels. 

There are limitations to this rebate but you can see if you’d be able to qualify and make your decision based on that information. 

There are also tax credits from the federal government and cash incentives from some utility companies.

The federal tax credit for solar power is 22% of the cost of your new solar power system. You may need to verify your installation with a tax credit professional.

While not all utility companies offer incentives, many do if your solar power bank is connected to the grid. Contact your utility company to see whether or not you qualify. 

Environmental Impact

The biggest benefit of going solar, regardless of whether or not you’re saving money, is the impact that you’ll have on the environment. For many people (especially those in the Pacific Northwest who love the environment), this makes installation worthwhile. 

Solar power is a renewable resource so long as the sun doesn’t go anywhere (and then we’d have bigger problems). When you use conventional electricity, you’re using energy created from fossil fuels (which are non-renewable). 

A Lower Cost

Solar power is expensive, but it’s more affordable than you think (even before the tax credits). The cost of solar energy is going down, which means that it’s becoming a more worthwhile option every day.

You can contact Blue Raven Solar to learn about the lowest-ever solar prices and see how much it would cost to power your home with solar energy. 

Solar energy is the future, so you’re getting a jump on something that could someday be the default option. 

Solar Power Is Still Worth It In Oregon

It’s true that most of the Pacific Northwest get a lot of rain and cloud coverage, but the sun can still shine through to your solar panels. 

You don’t have to be in the full-time sunlight for solar power to be worthwhile. 

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