A review of the gambling market in India

A review of the gambling market in India


There are lots of interesting things to cover about the gambling market in India. In recent years, many companies started to establish themselves in this part of the world. The Parimatch Casino is one of the most interesting examples, and it will be examined here in great detail. However, before going deep into the wide variety of features offered by Parimatch, it is a good idea to speak about a more general overview of this market.

In general, there are many factors that indicate that online casinos and bookmakers are quite happy with the current status of the gambling market in India. There are lots of factors that have been contributing to this success, which ultimately, leads to millions of happy punters who can take advantage of an enormous availability of opportunities. Let’s discuss a few of them.

  • India is the second most populated country in the world. Currently the country is only behind China in terms of population. While the number of inhabitants is not a guarantee for success for any type of company, there are increased chances of finding a substantial amount of people interested in enjoying these services.
  • Indians are extremely passionate about sports and casino games. Cricket is the star of the show here, nobody could disagree with that. For that reason, online casinos have been quite successful in this part, mostly because they partner their casino games with sportsbook sections. Therefore, by offering cricket bets alongside casino games can be quite successful in this part of the world.
  • The economy from India has been growing during recent years. Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world economy into a standstill. However, in the pre-covid era, India experienced extremely high economic growth. This meant that on average, people had more money to spend, and part of this money went into different forms of entertainment such as online casinos.

All these factors have been convincing enough for different online platforms to start operating in this part of the world. Parimatch is one of the early players in this game, and the people who run this portal have had the necessary vision to identify India as an enormous opportunity, and they had a huge success with their bet.

Parimatch has a lot of features that are very attractive for people from India

The people who run the Parimatch company conducted many studies about the online gambling market in India, and they discovered not only that there were many opportunities. That’s the easy part. The most difficult part is how to take advantage of these opportunities, as there are many factors that should be taken into account. For example, those who simply pretend to copy and paste the website from a more western country are destined to fail, as there are even cultural factors that come into play for people when choosing an online casino or bookmaker.

That’s why Parimatch decided to focus its promotion in India around cricket. Considering that there are literally tens of millions of passionate cricket followers and fans in this country, this was a great measure to grab their attention. However, the bookmaker also worked hard in implementing other aspects to make Parimatch an incredibly easy to use sportsbook and online casino.

First of all, the company has worked hard in improving its mobile application. Its current version runs all the casino games without issues. Furthermore, now the company accepts Indian rupees as a form of currency. This means that people from the country don’t need to exchange US Dollars or Euros before playing in this place.

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