How To Login And Recharge Videocon D2h Step By Step Guide 2021?

How To Login And Recharge Videocon D2h Step By Step Guide 2021?

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In 1927, the TV was first invented. After that videocon d2h login television was made available electronically in 1934. It took India 16 years to get TV after its 1934 introduction. It grew gradually. Doordarshan was first launched in India. This was followed by Direct TO Home ie Ko DTH and Cable TV. DTH is a satellite-to-TV broadcasting service.

Doordarshan started his journey on terrestrial and then moved to DTH and cable. Dish TV is the first DTH service provider company in India, which started in 2004, after that many DTH companies came to India like Reliance, Big TV, Sun Direct, Airtel, videocon d2h login, etc.

What is Videocon D2H?

Videocon d2h, a satellite TV broadcasting company, provides satellite TV broadcasts. VIDEOCON D2H charges a monthly fee for TV broadcasts. The subscriber must install Videocon D2H’s set-top box in his home and an antenna. After that, the channels will be broadcast through the subscription. Companies have evolved over time and introduced new technology for their customers.

How do I register for Videocon d2h

Follow these steps if you’re a customer at videocon D2H and wish to register your registration.

Step 1First, the consumer must visit the official website for videocon d2h.

Step 2You will then see the subscriber corner option on the homepage. Select that option.

Step 3A new window will then open in front you. Here you’ll see the section of videocon login below the homepage you’ll see a new user. Register Now option will be available.

Step 4Select any of the registered mobile numbers, VC number, or customer IDs and then enter its information.

Step 5:If you have a registered phone number, enter it. Otherwise, leave it empty.

Step 6Enter your “Email Address”

Step 7Next, create your password. Remember that your password should not exceed 8-12 characters.

Step 8Now confirm your password.

Step 9You can choose any question to secure your information, such as a pet name or school name.

Step 10Start to enter his answer.

Click on the submit button. This completes the Videocon D2H registration process.

How do I log in to Videocon D2H

After completing the registration, you will be able to log into your account by following these steps.

Step 1First, you need to visit the official website for videocon d2h.

Step 2On the homepage, you will see the option to “subscriber corner”. This option must be selected.

Step 3: A new window will now open in front you. Here you’ll find the login section of the homepage.

Step 4Logging in: There are 4 options.

  1. Customer ID
  2. VC Number
  3. Register mobile number
  4. Email ID.

Choose one of the following options to log in to Videocon.

Step 5:Fill in the details and then enter your password. You can also request an OTP to log in to Videocon 2H if you forget your password. You can also find the complete details about login to spice money this is very much in fashion right now.

Click on the Login button. This will complete the Videocon D2H login process.

Videocon D2H Login forget password

This is how to change your password if you forget your Videocon D2H login and password

First, visit the official websitevideocon d2h. The option to “Subscriber CornerYou can click ” on the homepage. Select that option. A new window will now open in front you. Here you’ll find the login section of the homepage.

Choose the Forgot Password option. A new screen will open in front of your eyes in which you must enter your Customer ID or VC number.

You will now need to click “Submit”. You can now set your new password after verification.

Videocon D2h Set-top Box type

Videocon D2h has evolved over the years. In the beginning, MPEG4 set-top boxes were available. After that, SD set-top boxes were introduced, which provided better picture quality for the audience. Today, many boxes such as HD, HDRF and stream are now available. We will provide information today about these boxes.

  1. D2H Stream
  2. HD RF Top Box
  3. HD Set-Top Box
  4. SD Set Top Box
  5. D2H Stream

This latest Videocon D2H box contains the Android operating system. This box allows you to access the browser. New applications can be downloaded.

This box comes with Dolby audio, built-in Google Assistant and 2K quad HD. It also includes Bluetooth Remote, unlimited recording, and inbuilt WIFI. It will turn your TV into a smart TV that can access the Internet. Its price is Rs 2924/-.

HD RF Top Box

The HD RF Top Box was launched with the best viewing experience, 5x better picture quality and 5x more detail. This box offers a rich viewing experience and crystal clear surrounds. You will feel like your home is a movie theater with the clear sound quality.

It also has an RF remote that allows you to control your TV from anywhere without having to be near it. This box allows unlimited recording, time-based recording and pausing live TV. The price of this box has been kept at Rs. 1288/-

HD Set-Top Box

HD SET-TOP BOX offers 5x more magic picture quality. HD SET-TOP BOX allows you to enjoy your favorite channels in HD. There are many channels to choose from. You will find sports, entertainment, money heist season 1, news in different languages. This box will provide fast processing speed, HDMI cable and 1080P picture quality. The price of this box is Rs 1203.

SD Set Top Box

This box is the lowest order Videocon and costs Rs 1119. This box will contain a large number of channels. It also includes features such as a processor, ticker, preview screen and multilingual.

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