Tips to Make the Best Online Slide Presentation

Tips to Make the Best Online Slide Presentation


Online slide presentations are simple to create, modify, and provide visual interest to a presentation.

Even for seasoned presenters, presentations may go wrong. To succeed, your online slide presentation must be a help, not a distraction.

Understand Your Audience

Consider your audience before your online slide presenting. Who is your target? How to make an online presentation fun? What do they know? What do they expect? What will catch their eye? What can you say? Answering these questions can help you achieve your objectives faster. Nothing matters once you break your audience’s attention, not how beautiful your design was or how well you selected your colors and themes.

Keep it Simple

Keep the design basic when hosting online slide presentations. It won’t bother your viewers. For a tidy and clear presentation, just use a few images. Also, avoid writing too much in one template. Otherwise, it seems cluttered and strains the eyes. While varying content presentation is acceptable, keep font, color, and backdrop constant. Don’t overdo it on the decor Also, don’t allow your design to limit the message you’re attempting to convey.

Use Clean Fonts

The content should be simple to understand and visually appealing to avoid distraction and annoyance. Use big letters and bold colors. The ideal colors and fonts for your presentation may vary. To ensure that your audience can easily read your content in a big room, make your text larger. Use dark text if you are presenting with lights on. If you’re uncertain which colors go together, try ColorBlender to obtain a matching combination.

Use Fewer Animations

Nothing is more irritating than being interrupted by letters while listening to a presentation. Having too many sophisticated visuals and slide transitions may be annoying. Before using these effects in your presentation, consider if they will distract the viewers or delay the content you are attempting to convey. If you answered yes, you should exclude the effect.

Use Decent Images

A picture is worth 1000 words. So you must provide pictures. Use pictures that support and complement the idea you’re attempting to convey. Aim for high-resolution pictures when projecting on large displays. If you don’t have pictures, you can look them up on Google. But remember copyrights while delivering a public or formal presentation.


Another method to create the greatest online presentation is to practise before you present. A well-prepared presentation will keep your audience’s interest. An excellent presentation has a few key elements. An excellent presenter is unafraid to talk. Eye contact with the audience is also required. Whether you’re not sure if you’re doing things correctly, practise with a stranger. Ask for honest feedback on colours, wording, and any pictures.

SlideHTML5: Best Tool for Making Online Slide Presentation

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Ending word

You need the proper tools to give an online presentation. There are several presenting tools available, including creating animations, preparing infographics, mind maps, pictures for your online slide presentations, and a whole presentation.

Choose the appropriate tools for your virtual presentation based on your requirements. I suggest using one tool like SlideHTML5 to build your presentation and adding visual tools as needed.

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