The Best Tips on How to Negotiate With Stubborn Buyers

The Best Tips on How to Negotiate With Stubborn Buyers


When you go through the best sales training, you learn how to negotiate with buyers to close deals. However, despite your best efforts, some buyers may stubbornly refuse to find common ground. 

If walking away from the deal is not yet the right option, here are some tips for dealing with stubborn buyers. 

Stay calm throughout the discussions

Negotiations can get heated, especially when you’re dealing with stubborn customers, resulting in flaring tempers and sometimes a brutal exchange of words. So, it’s important to train yourself to keep your cool when things start getting heated. By keeping your temper and emotions in check, you can remain clear-headed and focused on the main issues at hand. 

Remember, the buyer most likely needs your product or service as much as you need them to buy from you. So, keep calm and find ways to show the buyer how much value you present to them through your offering. Focus on delivering your value proposition every time you get the opportunity. Remember to use words that help the buyer see that a win-win outcome favors both sides. 

Showing any signs of frustration may further alienate the buyer and can be used against you. This is especially true if the other side knows your timeline and how much the deal means to you. The buyer may stick to a stance even after they’ve seen the light, just to draw a concession from you. For instance, a buyer may cling to a lower price offer even when they’re ready to buy at your higher one simply because it’s clear that you’re agitated and you’re running out of time. 

Focus on finding common ground

Seeking out common ground can help both sides see where each stands to benefit. For instance, if you’re selling a training software product to your buyer, the common ground may be:

  • A lower price that allows the buyer to remain profitable. 
  • A slightly lower price but with the assurance of a repeat sale for the seller.

To achieve this mutually beneficial price, both sides must move away from their original price targets to settle at a price that provides sufficient overall value for both sides. 

Finding common points to agree on involves compromise. If you’re dealing with a stubborn buyer, you may not be able to get them to compromise on a lot. However, it helps to figure out what the client won’t compromise on and which areas are more flexible. Once you know where there is room to compromise, focus on those areas. 

Take a break 

Sometimes the buyer may not be able to see the bigger picture. In those situations, it helps to take a back seat and give the buyer some time to ponder their decision. 

A time-out can allow the buyer to refocus. Plus, it gives them some space for your presentation to sink in. 

Consider checking in on the buyer after a few days to show your concern. Also, reaffirm your position that you’re willing to work with the buyer to find a win-win solution and close the sales process. 

However, avoid coming across as pushy or aggressive, so you don’t push the buyer away completely.  

Involve other people

When you’re in a sticky situation with a stubborn customer, consider bringing on board other trained negotiators. For example, you could get your manager to meet with the customer. Sometimes the buyer may be averse to you personally, so seeing a different face may move things along. 

In addition, bringing in other members of your team brings in fresh ideas. It will also confirm whether the buyer is being stubborn or if you misread the situation. 

All in all, keeping your cool while focusing on finding room to compromise can help smooth things along with stubborn buyers. Also, take a step back when you need to, and if all else fails, involve other people to bring in a new perspective. 


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