10 Easy Tips To Make Effective Instagram Videos

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The power of Instagram has gone up by leaps and bounds over the last few years. With more than a billion active users, Instagram is now one of the most important social media platforms that have ever been created. Instagram is not only a platform where you can chat with your friends or share photos, but you can run a business on this platform as well. Instagram has evolved to help people find their way through social media in their own ways. 

Instagram offers 38% more engagement on photos and videos you upload here, which is why most of the top brands have their presence on this platform. But, with more than 100 million posts being made on Instagram every day, how are you going to make your content stand out? Don’t worry. We have a few great ideas!

1. Create Content with Value 

A lot of people make the mistake of creating random videos expecting them to do good on Instagram. But, it does not work that way. Unless you provide value to your audience, your content won’t be popular on Instagram. Focus on creating content that offers a particular value to the audience.

So, if you run a garment business, make sure to create videos that will help people to understand why they should buy garments from you. When your content is offering value to the people, they’re more interested in watching you.

2. Create Entertaining Videos 

Sharing videos that offer entertainment to the audience is a great way to attract more people to your brand. You’ll be surprised to know that 51% of all social media users follow a brand because they find them entertaining. While most of your posts can be promotional, you should at times upload entertaining videos as well. This will help you to retain your followers and intrigue them more.

3. Use a Good Editor 

When you are going to upload a video on Instagram, you have to edit it well. Without the right editing tool, your videos won’t be able to stand out from others. You can use any insta video editor that is available in the market. These tools have been specially designed to offer you all the resources and features that are required to make your content more interesting and appealing. So, grab hold of one such editor and start editing videos on that video editor.

4. Create a Time-lapse 

One way you can deliver product information in an interesting way is to create a time-lapse video. There are many tools you can use for this, such as Instagram’s Hyperlapse. You can use this feature to show the stage of how a particular product was created and how to use it.

Regardless of the use case, this type of video is an effective way to tell a story to others in a concise way. You can also establish an emotional connection with your users to show them behind the scenes of your brand. 

5. Customize Your Videos 

Creating a consistent branding style can attract followers and make your content very recognizable. One way to create a consistent branding style is to use the same filter for each post. Editing and filtering can help make your images and videos more attractive. It also helps to establish a particular aesthetic.

For example, you can make a video look like it was shot with an old camera. There are many editing and filtering tools you can use when posting videos to Instagram. It also helps to establish a certain aesthetic.

6. Use Videos as Teasers 

Studies show that branded video content is almost three times more popular than other branded content such as eBooks and blogs. Given that 80% of users use Instagram to discover new products, it’s a good idea to post a video on Instagram to promote your product. There are many ways to use video to raise expectations for any product.

7. Add Music to Your Content 

Adding music and captions to your video is another great way to ensure that your audience is interested in the content. Using high-quality music is another very effective way for videos to help attract more viewers. Music and images are so closely related that you’ll find that professional video has the right tones or music to complement the image. With the right music, you can change or break the monotony of your video. It can also brighten the mood and create different emotions when the viewer watches the video. 

8. Take the Help of Captions 

You’ll be amazed to find that over 85% of Facebook people are quietly watching their videos. Therefore, without adding captions to the content, the vast majority of viewers will not understand the true nature of the content.

Or, if you have an audience all over the world, it can be very difficult for people to understand what you really have to say. Find out where the majority of your viewers are coming from and add the captions you need to your video in the future. You can use a professional video editor to add all the titles and captions you need.

9. Use Storyline in Your Content – 

Good stories tend to resonate with the audience, and they feel more excited about it. Before adding a story to your video, make sure you know what your viewers want from you. You need to be on an equal footing with the audience and tell the right story. If you add the wrong story, you can definitely counterattack your video. With a good storyline, you can attract and feel involved with your content. So, add a storyline to your content from now.

10. Be Patient and Unique

Try to make something unique that can attract customers on the first go. Thus, do not hurry. Be it finding the video topic or making it or editing it – take your time and give your 100% to it. 

The Bottom Line

So, these are the best ways in which you can edit and upload high-quality videos to Instagram. Make sure to follow them and start checking out the results in a few days’ time.


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