How to Personalise Home Interiors with Picture Clocks?

How to Personalise Home Interiors with Picture Clocks?


We often receive gifts that are very personal and leave a great impact on our minds. We wish to display such gifts in our home so that everyone can see them. The trend of customized gift is catching up. Here we have shared some simple ways to use photo wall clocks to decorate your home interiors in style. Check them out and try them in your abode. 

Picture Clock in the Midst of Other Creative Wall Décor Items

You can place the picture clock at the centre while arranging other wall décor items around it. You need to make sure that you match the photo with the clock. If you have a wall clock that has been customised using pictures and images. You can arrange some artistic wall decals of similar shades around it. This will create an aesthetic appeal.

Picture Clock as the Main Highlight of the Living Room Wall

Sometimes, when there are fewer wall décor items, the impact is much greater. This is the reason why some interior designers suggest using a picture clock as the main highlight on a living room wall. Select a nice photo and use it to customise the picture clock. You can explore countless options in such clocks on Presto Gifts. You will find clocks in many shapes and styles that you can customise to add to your walls.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself While Using Picture Clocks to Decorate the Walls

If you don’t select the right décor items to surround the wall clock, it may appear completely out of place. Here are some questions to ask yourself while using picture clocks to decorate your home walls:

  • Does the picture clock match with the décor items selected?
  • Do the colours of the wall clocks and the décor items appear in sync with each other?
  • Are the pictures on the customised wall clocks visible to the viewers?

The answers to these questions will help you decide the best way to arrange the picture clocks with other décor items on the wall.

Simple Steps to Order Picture Clock Online

Here are simple steps to order picture clock online on Presto Gifts:

  • Choose the picture to be used to customise the clock
  • Select the picture clock you like best
  • Pay the price online and place your order
  • Input the correct address to ensure proper delivery
  • Always recheck all the details before you place your order
  • Read the terms and conditions as well as delivery policy before you place your order

Once the order is received, it would be a great idea to provide a positive review when you are satisfied with the service.

Photo Wall Clocks to Accompany Other Photo Décor Items

Some people enjoy displaying their relations and love bonds to the world. They have a whole range of family pictures displayed on the living room walls. If you also love to display pictures in the living room, you may add a photo wall clock at the centre of these pictures. It will create a unique theme of a picture wall. You may also keep changing the photos displayed on the walls.


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