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This year is a record-breaking year in so many ways. One of the most unexpected ways is the number of new businesses launched so far this year.

The US Census Bureau reports that 1.4 million new business applications were submitted through September 30. That’s well above the 987,000 submitted in 2019.

People that had small business ideas for years realized it’s time to ditch the corporate world and become their own boss. It’s a freeing idea, as long as you have the right idea.

If you’re on the fence about starting a business or need good ideas, keep reading. These are the top small business ideas to launch today.

  1. Subscription Business

Subscription businesses that cater to a very specific niche are very successful. They create recurring revenue, so you can make money quickly.

You need to pick the right subscription box, source or make products, and build your customer base. Pick a niche that is unusual, and you enjoy.

It could be a favorite hobby, such as gardening or gaming. The most interesting programs have great products that people can’t wait to get.

  1. Drop Shipper

A drop-shipping model lets you sell products without the inventory or logistics nightmares. You set up an online shop or Amazon account, post your products and sell them.

The orders get sent to a third-party vendor. They produce the item, package it, and ship it to customers. You need to choose the right products and outstanding suppliers for a thriving business.

  1. Virtual Assistant

You can be a service provider if you don’t find selling products appealing. A virtual assistant works with entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Virtual assistants do everything from administrative tasks to social media posts. You can post your services on sites like FreeUp and UpWork to get clients or you can work with clients in your local area.

Tips to Launch Your Business

It’s so exciting to have an idea for your small business. You just know that it’s going to work, so you go all-in with it.

That’s the mistake too many business owners make. Write a business plan to learn about the competitive marketplace and understand your audience.

A business plan makes you aware of the risks and threats to your business. It’s a chance to learn about legal issues and liabilities.

Build systems in your business that let you do more with less time. Find an invoice maker free and other free versions of software. That lets you start your business on a budget.

Write a marketing plan that allows you the ability to market your business consistently.

So Many Small Business Ideas

Are you ready to jump into the world of entrepreneurship? You can start with these small business ideas and make them your own.

As you start your business, remember that you need to learn about your market and audience. There are a lot of small details to think about before you begin.

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