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6 Essential Tips to Organize Your Google Drive Storage


With over 2 billion active users, Google Drive has dominated the cloud storage service industry for years now. But, unfortunately, so many people open Google Drive and dump their files or images without organizing them. And as you can expect, this leads to messy and cluttered Google Drive storage.

Are you one of those people that can’t seem to get their Google Drive organized? If so, in today’s post, we’re going to help you clean up your Google Drive by telling you some type tips that’ll make Marie Kondo awe in amazement!

  1. Download Everything Onto Your Desktop

The first tip for organizing your Drive is downloading all of your files onto your desktop. That way, your Google Drive is wiped clean, without you deleting anything. Additionally, it’s a lot easier to organize your files on your desktop since you can use your PC’s built-in duplicate file finder.

You can also get the Google Drive desktop app, which adds everything you have on your Drive onto your PC. But, if you do it this way, you’ll need to make sure you have enough storage on your PC.

Another benefit of downloading the desktop app is that you can use a top-of-the-line duplicate file finder to locate and delete duplicate files on your Drive in minutes.

If you would like to learn more about this program, be sure to click here for more information.

  1. Learn to Use Advanced Search

More often than not, you may add a file or image to your Google Drive Storage thinking that you haven’t done it yet, but then you realize that you already have three other similar copies! That’s why you’ll want to learn how to use Google’s advanced search function to double-check you don’t have the file already there.

For example, let’s say you want to add a slide show presentation entitled “SlideShow,” but you’re unsure if it’s already on your Drive. So, before you add it, you can first do an advanced search by typing “filetype:.PPT” in the search bar. Then you’ll want to widen your search by selecting more tools and writing keywords in the box that says “Enter words found on file.”

And lo and behold, you’ll find any. PPT file that has the keywords you wrote.

  1. Limit Google Shared Drive Permissions

One issue about having a Google shared Drive is that anyone can add anything. While this may be better than receiving or sending dozens of emails with attachments, it also means that your Google Drive can end up messy. That’s why if you want to have an organized Google shared Drive, you’ll need to set boundaries.

The good news is that Google lets you set up certain upload rules on your Drive. For example, you can limit how much a user can upload to your storage. Additionally, you can have Google notify you whenever someone adds or removes something, which can be very helpful.

  1. Folder-By-Folder Organization

Another useful tip to keep your Google Drive storage organized is setting up a folder-by-folder organization method. There are several ways you can go about this method, so let’s talk about each one.

Organizing by Value

Instead of having dozens of different folders, you can try to organize everything into three categories: sentimental, work, and sensitive folders. Of course, if you have a lot of stuff, you can add different sub-folders in each category to further organize your Drive.

Organizing by Color

If you’re more of a visual organizer, then setting up different color schemes can help you organize your files. For example, you can create a red folder for important files or have blue folders for sentimental documents.

Organizing by Emojis

Nowadays, people use emojis to express their feelings or even tell a story. So if you’re that type of person, you can use emojis to your advantage by using them to create different folders.

  1. Don’t Be Lazy and Put Files Where They Belong

As mentioned in the intro, most people simply drop their files into the main page of Drive and end up having a messy storage space. So, if you want to break that vicious cycle, you’ll need to take the time to place the file in the correct folder. You can make it easier for you to do that by having important folders displayed on your Google Drive homepage.

How can you add folders to your homepage? You can manually drag and drop them to the homepage, or you can click the star icon that appears on each folder. By starring a folder, Google knows that it’s important, which means they’ll add it to your main page.

  1. Preview Documents

If you would rather manually clean out your Drive instead of using a duplicate file finder or the advanced search bar, then you’ll want to know how to use the preview function. This function allows you to see a smaller-scale version of the document without loading it up on your screen. As you can imagine, this can help you quickly go through documents without waiting for them to load up, especially if you have slow internet.

Additionally, when you preview a document, you’ll be able to see when you uploaded it and when was the last time you opened it. As you can imagine, that can help you decide if a document is worth keeping in your Drive.

Google Drive Storage Organization Made Easy

Keeping your Google Drive storage tidy can be frustrating, but hopefully, you can do it without stressing out with these tips. Of course, organizing your Drive can take time, especially if you have a lot of files, so be sure to take your time, so you don’t lose anything important. So, don’t wait any longer, and start organizing your Drive today!

Did you find these tips helpful in organizing your Google Drive? If so, we offer other helpful tech tips, so be sure to check them out!

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