6 Signs That a BigCommerce SEO Agency Can Walk the Walk 

6 Signs That a BigCommerce SEO Agency Can Walk the Walk 


Before you put any money into a BigCommerce SEO agency, it’s worth a little bit of your time and effort to ensure yourself that you’re partnering with a provider that can deliver measurable, valuable results. 

Here are 6 signs that a BigCommerce SEO agency can walk the walk and hence, will be worth your investment. 

Platform Specific Expertise (Specifically Development Expertise)

Possibly the most important thing that a so-called BigCommercec SEO agency can demonstrate is proficiency with BigCommerce itself. After all, the only thing that differentiates BigCommerce SEO from any other “form” of SEO is that your eCommerce website is built on BigCommerce. SEO is SEO – the difference is you’ll want a provider that understands the nuances of your platform inside and out. 

This is particularly important considering that web design and development projects can have a profound impact on SEO (intended to be for the better). If you choose a “BigCommerce” SEO expert that can’t tackle complex BigCommerce development items, your best prospects likely lie elsewhere. 

Experience with eCommerce SEO Clients in Multiple Industries

Platform-specific expertise aside, it is also equally important that a BigCommerce SEO services provider can also adduce evidence of experience with clients in a wide range of industries. BigCommerce SEO is one thing, but if all of a specific agency’s experience lies in one industry, that could be a red flag (unless your BigCommerce website happens also to compete in that industry). 

The more industries the agency serves, the better. It is evidence of their adaptability and competitiveness. 

Review, Reviews, Reviews

There are all different types of social proof. Some come in the form of social media interactions, others are left in the form of customer testimonials on the agency website, and others yet take the form of anonymous offsite reviews or ratings. Some of these may be biased, but you can get a lay of the land from the general consensus.

Over half of online shoppers read reviews (and trust them) before making a purchase. If you’re going to “purchase” a BigCommerce SEO agency, why shouldn’t you? 

The BigCommerce SEO Agency Shows Up (Literally, in the Search Results) 

This puts the “big” in BigCommerce SEO agency: they need to show up in the search results. This isn’t like shopping for some esoteric or hard-to-find product; do not dig all the way down through pages two and three to find a partner. 

This is their actual, literal business. If they don’t show up in the search results, how do you think they’ll be able to produce Google rankings for your BigCommerce site?

They’re Straight Shooters 

How a BigCommerce SEO agency handles you is of equal importance. You should get a good feeling when you talking to their customer service team, but more importantly, you should exit a meeting or a phone call with fewer questions than you entered with. 

They should take the doubt out of the process of optimizing your BigCommerce store – not confound you with smoke and mirrors. 

They’re Willing to Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is 

Anyone can make big promises for an SEO campaign for your BigCommerce platform. There’s a lot that goes into a search engine optimization, including keyword research, content publication, on page optimization, and link strategy and since you’re going to be working closely with a BigCommerce SEO agency, they should show you how it’s all going to work for your online store with an eCommerce SEO audit. 

Better yet, with a free eCommerce SEO audit for your online store. Not sure how or where to start or if the investment is worth it? Contact Genius eCommerce today for a free audit where they will analyze both you and your competitors and give you real, analytical insights into your current standings – as well as what, specifically, they’ll do for you to help boost organic traffic. 

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