Why The Latest Tech Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

Why The Latest Tech Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

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If there’s one enduring myth that has persisted in the world of tech, it’s that the latest and greatest devices are always prohibitively expensive. To a certain degree, there’s some truth in that myth. If you want flagship smartphones and tablets with every bell and whistle, you’re going to pay a lot of money for them. That’s because the components are often expensive to manufacture (when they’re not simply in short supply, that is). 

Luckily, getting the latest tech doesn’t have to break the bank, especially if you’re willing to make a few sacrifices. Whether you’re getting a loan from loans2go to cover the cost of your new device or you’re scrimping and saving to pull together just enough cash, there are lots of surprising ways to afford the latest tech without doing serious financial damage to yourself. Here are some of the ways you can offset the cost of the tech you’ve got your eye on.

Some smartphones are available for a low price

There’s a huge, blossoming market for budget smartphones right now. Many consumers want devices that won’t ruin their wallets, but they still want all the latest functionality. Luckily, pretty much every major smartphone manufacturer has a device range for this purpose. Whether it’s the Samsung A range or the OnePlus Nord, you’ll be able to find a phone that’s perfect for your budget needs. These phones might not be as zippy and snappy as their flagship counterparts, but they’re absolutely perfect for day-to-day use and won’t let you down when you need them.

You can sell your old tech

If you’ve got tech lying around, there’s almost certainly a website or service out there that will buy it for you. Often, the prices are fairly modest, but the amount you get could go a long way towards a first payment on a new device, especially if you’re getting said device on a monthly contract basis. If you have a particularly rare device, you may find that it commands more than you expected it to, so it’s worth combing your storage to see if you’ve got anything lying around. You’d be surprised at what kind of devices there’s demand for right now!

Many gift ideas don’t break the bank

If you’re buying tech for someone else, you don’t necessarily have to spend big to impress them. There are lots of neat little gadgets available from all kinds of retailers that will delight even the hardiest tech aficionado. Why not opt for a retro-style gaming lamp, for example, or a figurine of their favourite character? These options often won’t cost you too much, but they’re much more personal than buying something flashy and expensive. The person you’re buying for will appreciate you no matter what you get them, so don’t put yourself out too far for their sake if you can’t afford to.

You can save up

While it’s very difficult for many people to save, if you’re in a position to, we’d definitely advise doing so. Tech moves at such a breakneck pace that by the time you’ve saved up enough to buy the latest device, you may well find that the new iteration is out. Tech companies often introduce new revisions of hardware or software on a yearly basis; this is the case with companies like Apple and Samsung, who bring out new flagship smartphones each and every year. Laptops and tablets are refreshed less often, but it’s often worth waiting for the next version anyway, as it usually brings much-needed improvements.

Consider whether you really need a device

While “just don’t buy it” isn’t necessarily the best advice, there’s a lot of superfluous tech on the market right now that many people simply don’t need. Tech companies will try to sell you every device in their range, especially if you’re already buying something of theirs. However, while a smartphone might be a necessity in this day and age, you’ll often find that extras like tablets or Bluetooth gadgets might not be necessary for you. Think carefully about what your actual needs are and be sure to fulfil those before you make wanton spending decisions.

Your workplace might provide tech for you

If tech is essential for doing your job, then you should reasonably expect your workplace to either provide or subsidise the tech you need. In most cases, this means your workplace will give you a laptop to work on, or a Bluetooth headset you can use to conduct meetings with your colleagues. It’s worth talking to your manager and asking if there’s any way they can help you to get the tech you need. After all, if it’s essential for you to do your job, then both you and the company benefit from it being provided for you.

You can ask friends and family for help

Sometimes, you need an item of tech for your job; a laptop, say, or a tablet, and your company isn’t providing it. Unfortunately, this is especially common when many people are working from home. If this is the case, you can ask your friends and family if they will help you. You may find that they’re in a financial position to do so, which would be advantageous for you. If you want to, you can treat it like a loan; that way, you don’t necessarily need to feel bad about borrowing money when you know you’re going to pay it back at some point.

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