5 reasons the EFL Championship is better than the Premier League

5 reasons the EFL Championship is better than the Premier League


When football fans think of English football, the first thing that natural comes to their minds is the Premier League. However, English football is more than just the Premier League. In fact, there are several football leagues in England which are full of excitement. Although many praise the Premier League as being the best League in England, deep down every English football fan knows that the EFL Championship packs the most heat, especially in the playoffs. Each season, the battle isn’t over till the very last match. The beauty of the league is that no one really knows what is going to happen at the start, during and towards the end of the season. 

On the other hand, in the Premier League, we already have a clear idea of who will be fighting for European football and battling for relegation earlier on in the season. Yes, it’s true that we’ve seen Ranieri’s Leicester City magically win in the 2015-2016 Premier League season, however, this was an exceedingly rare occasion. In fact, it’s usually teams from the ‘Big 6’ that battle it out for the trophy, and Champions League football. 

In this EFL Championship season, teams like Bournemouth, West Brom, Fulham, Blackburn Rovers and many more are working hard for promotion and a shot at winning the prize money up for grabs. Forget about the massive transfers in the Premier League, and its predictable league tables and results; the EFL Championship is the one to watch. Find out why below!

The Promotion Battle

Imagine several teams battling it out throughout the season just to get a chance to get into the Premier League. Then just when you think the season is over, there are the playoffs right after with more exciting games. 

Some of football’s most memorable moments came from this league. Remember Watford’s triumphant return to the Premier League in 2013? What about the sheer joy of Leeds United fans after 16 years away from the English Premier League?

More games, More Competition

With a total of 24 teams in the league, it’s bound to be an incredibly competitive competition. Each week is action-packed with many surprises or upsets, and that’s why everyone loves it. There are just so many games to watch! 

The openness of the league makes it such a beautiful competition. Furthermore, the intensity of the league and the top-quality players in it makes each game an exciting battle. All this makes it even easier to get caught up in the competition, much as you do when playing virtual football casino games at Platincasino.

Real Club Fans

When a team gets relegated from the Premier League, we finally start to see where the real fans lie. Through thick and thin, these fans will support their team no matter where they play. Due to this, the atmosphere at an EFL game is often a lot more entertaining because of the fans’ authenticity and passion for the club they support. Not only that, but even the players and club know that they’ve got the backing of genuine fans supporting them at their home and away matches. This makes the players hungrier than ever by mentally pushing them harder to win for the travelling fans. 

Ticket Prices

Booking a ticket for a Manchester Derby or North London Derby can be costly. This can be off-putting for many fans, as they wouldn’t be able to afford such unreasonable prices to watch a live game. In return, many fans end up watching their favourite teams play on television at home or at a pub. However, most EFL game ticket prices are affordable, giving fans a higher chance of attending live games. 

Also, after a team gets relegated from the Premier League, although the passionate and genuine fans stick by, fewer fans end up showing up for games. Therefore, most club owners reduce ticket prices to attract more fans. This gives fans the option of enjoying home and away matches live without breaking the bank.

The Relegation Battle

The unpredictability of the league means anyone can get relegated. Historical teams like Wolves, Blackpool, Hull City, and Portsmouth suffered this fate in the past, some finding themselves still in ‘Football League One.’ Furthermore, the stakes remain high this season on who gets relegated. Two of the favourites remain to be Derby County and Barnsley, who still find themselves at the bottom of the table.

The highly competitive nature of the league means there is always something to play for. Just a single victory of three points can make the difference at the end of the season.


The EFL Championship is garnering massive support for being a competitive and desirable league to watch. The highly competitive nature of the league, coupled with the fun ambience brought by loyal fans, helps to make this competition better in many ways than the Premier League. 

And with that thought, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the rest of this entertaining season of football.


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