Mail marketing: how to create a winning email marketing campaign

Mail marketing: how to create a winning email marketing campaign


Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing methods. In fact, for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you can expect to receive money return on investment.

That’s a pretty impressive ROI, and is just one of the reasons financial marketers across the world utilise emails to market to their growing client list.

So, how do you produce a winning email marketing campaign. Naturally, a winning financial services marketing agency can make this happen with ease, and they use a few of these handy hints to do so:

  • They know their campaign objective

Any winning email campaign needs a clear objective before commencing. Obviously, the ultimate aim is to generate more sales, but this can be broken down into smaller, quickly achievable objectives, including:

  • Brand awareness: Are you a new financial services company looking to make people aware of your brand?
  • Web traffic: Does your financial services website lag behind your competitors, and you are looking to divert their attention towards your site?
  • Boost sales: Do you already have an established email list/customer based, but need to make a campaign to sell your product?
  • Lead nurturing: Do you want to remind your current leads that you’re in the game and providing the best service?
  • Feedback: Do you want to know what your customers think about your brand?

Once you have defined your campaign objective, you can then begin to create the email content that fits that objective.

  • They know who they are seeking to attract

Who is your target audience? Is it people in their late-20s and 30s looking to buy their first home? Is it people looking to invest in business? Or, is it people looking to create their own business?

Obviously, you know better than anyone who you are attempting to reach through your email campaign, but it doesn’t stop at the kind of service you are offering.

You can also segment your email campaigns based on categories like age, gender, location, occupation etc. and this will help you further define your audience and, consequently, your email content.

  • What kind of email style is it?

You know what we mean by this: welcome to our brand; newsletters; forgot something?; service announcements; industry insights etc. these are just some of the different types of emails you can be sending to your segmented list.


Financial services benefit from email campaigns that include the following:

  • Quality welcome emails: Financial services, for the average person, can be a little dull and even confusing, and this is why it’s important to clearly lay out your brand’s services when sending your onboarding (welcome) email.
  • Exciting spins: Coming back to the “dull” aspect of financial services, your customers aren’t going to want to read too many emails unless they can get them excited about their finances. Therefore, it’s important that your newsletters, blogs, product announcement emails and more get them excited about your product. The best way to do this – in terms of finance – is to show them the way that your product can help them buy/save for something they really want (did anyone say “Fiji” in September?).
  • Powerful messages: Exciting stuff aside, some people want to know exactly how much they can expect to save with your brand. Tell them that and tell them clearly – this is a powerful message and people want to see it!
  • Time your emails to perfection

Finally, you need to time your financial emails like a boss. Research suggests the best time to send accountant and financial advisors emails is Tuesday at 6am, perhaps after people have been having nightmares about their finances?

Who knows, but it’s a good idea to do your own testing and find out when your email campaigns are getting the best responses from prospects…

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