Why Text is an Important Marketing Investment in 2022?


The short messaging service (SMS) is one of the most valuable inventions of the twentieth century, allowing for easier and faster communication than ever before. Despite having a significantly high open rate, SMS is a vastly underutilized marketing medium. With the emergence of instant messaging and social networking platforms, many marketers assume SMS is no longer relevant.

However, the truth is that SMS marketing is still one of the most successful digital marketing methods available. Marketers are constantly looking for new methods to boost mobile customer engagement. Several studies show that mobile is a powerful tool for generating sales. As a result, SMS is becoming an increasingly important aspect of efficient multi-channel marketing as more firms attempt to target customers on the move. Here are a few compelling reasons to employ text message marketing in 2022.

Increases Customer Engagement

Consider SMS as a tool to improve the way your company communicates with clients throughout their entire customer journey. While clients may appreciate updates and news about upcoming brand advancements, this information is better communicated via email, whereas more prolonged, more creative wording is more suited.

Although marketers may consider texting intrusive, many customers are now accustomed to receiving text messages from local businesses such as dentists, garages, hairdressers, and government agencies such as the NHS. This is an excellent example of the NHS engaging its audience at a high-engagement event. Brands can also use SMS marketing for instant, expected sales-related offers like vouchers, discounts, promos, and even holiday messages.

Promotes Brand Loyalty

Text message marketing is a beautiful way to customize your messages for fans, which may lead to increased brand loyalty. The possibilities are truly unlimited here. You can even send folks messages based on where they are.

Consider putting on an event at a specified place. For example, you may use a texting app to send a message to every one of your clients in the designated location, informing them of the event. Since you are personally contacting them, the individuals you target will feel special, and this is what they will remember, building your brand loyalty.

It Can Integrate with Other Channels

All media must perform effectively within the marketing mix, and SMS is no exception. SMS is an excellent solo channel, but it can also be used to supplement and assist other marketing channels like social media and email. In addition, SMS can complement and boost other mainstream consumer mediums like social media and email and be fantastic on its own.

They can, for example, serve as a reminder to customers to read an email sent by a company hour or even days earlier. In addition, a simple follow-up SMS inquiring if the client read the email can significantly boost open email rates.

SMS Campaigns

Rich media campaigns can use SMS as a trigger. After the bulk SMS campaigns have been activated, the following step for businesses is to analyze the performance insights and statistics. These facts can then be used to plan and strategize the company’s next marketing move and reach out to the relevant demographic to gain more attention and momentum.

Cloud communication application operators assist enterprises in the engaging present and prospective audiences. They give precise and live data analytics such as the messages received, time and date, text status, read/unread rate, geolocation, etc. They also assist brands in developing their next strategy to gain more audience and increase sales.

It is a Cost-effective Form of Marketing

Marketing by text messaging can be a very cost-effective strategy. This is since the only expenses involved with this kind of marketing are the costs of using a text message service, which you almost certainly already have for your business. Compared to other forms of marketing, text messaging is a low-cost option that produces outstanding results. Text message marketing is substantially more cost-effective than several different marketing methods.

To contact potential customers, many firms and enterprises employ text message marketing as their marketing technique. Many other traditional marketing channels, such as email, are more expensive, have a smaller reach, and have a lower open and response rate than text message marketing. Despite this, many businesses aren’t taking full advantage. Instead, a well-defined, consistent Text message marketing plan can provide you with an automatic competitive advantage.

Consumers increasingly prefer to engage with businesses in the same manner. They connect with their social contacts, such as family and friends, as businesses, brands, and consumers move closer to mobile. Text messaging is becoming more efficient, but it is also becoming more significant for marketers and retailers. There are numerous advantages, and you’ll be able to profit from them in the short and long term.

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