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The Cummins ISX is a small four-cylinder diesel engine that is the lightest in its class. The integrated injection system on the Cummins ISX injects fuel directly into the cylinder’s combustion chamber without an intake manifold.

It means that there are no ports that can leak and cause potential problems with emissions control systems which can be daily pains for diesel trucks and railroads. Here are the specifications of the Cummins ISX engine you should know.

1. Horsepower

This 10-liter engine produces up to 350 horsepower, depending on the application. That’s 50% more horsepower than its previous engine.

It is a huge step forward to helping you secure business, as it helps you boast about your power ratings to clients and helps you win bids by supplying the best power-to-weight ratios in your industry.

2. Speed

The Cummins ISX is available in models from 1800 RPMs to 2700 RPMs in just about every horsepower range from 190hp up to 650hp, giving you the ability to offer several speeds options for your customers based on their application.

3. Weight

With a weight of 992 pounds, the Cummins ISX is the lightest engine in its class. It makes it an ideal candidate for several applications where weight is a concern.

4. Fuel Capacity

The 10-liter ISX has a fuel capacity of 44 gallons, allowing you to run longer routes or take large loads with less downtime than ever before. It can also be an opportunity to save fuel costs and increase company profits.

5. Maintenance

The engine is designed to spend zero time in maintenance bays for the average commercial operation or marine applications and is incredibly easy to maintain. Without worrying about long repair times or expensive overhauls, you’ll need faceless downtime on this engine.

6. Powertrain

The ISX features an integrated, four-cylinder, common rail fuel injection system that is capable of delivering up to 90HP and 235 Nm of torque at a maximum speed of 6500 RPM.

7. Protection

The crush-proof, everything-intact design ensures that this engine will run efficiently for many years to come. It is a huge plus for both marine and commercial you can use where the engine will be exposed to harsh weather conditions often.

8. Cylinders

The engine has four cylinders with a bore stroke ratio of 2.0 and 2.2, which allows the engine to deliver up to 90HP at a speed of 6500 RPMs.

9. Boost

The Cummins ISX will reach a maximum speed of 6500 RPMs with a single turbocharger and can reach over 7000 RPMs with multiple turbos running simultaneously.

10. Gearing

The five-speed transmission is designed for heavy and light engines. It delivers optimal power on any road conditions at any time, without damaging the engine or running it into problems from lack of tuning.

11. Mounting

The ISX engine is mounted inside the truck’s frame and features a completely removable top cover that allows easy engine access and maintenance.

12. Fuel System

The engine has an integrated, common rail injection system that you can configure to use diesel oil or straight petroleum distillates. It is extremely versatile for marine and commercial uses, a huge plus.

13. Sulphur Content

The ISX 10L fuel contains no more than 0.5% sulfur content, making the engine compliant with the new BS-VI emission norms. It is a huge plus for both you, the truck owner, and the industrialist, as it will help them avoid fines due to sulfur contamination.

14. Turbocharger

The engine runs on a single turbocharger or two, built by either Jenbacher or IHI. These turbos ensure that the power ratings of this engine are delivered precisely at any time during any road condition, thus making it highly versatile for commercial applications.

15. Emission Rating

The Cummins ISX runs on low-sulfur diesel oil and produces less than 15 gms of NOx per horsepower per hour (g/HP/hr) of operation. It makes it incredibly easy to you to make the engine compliant with any emission laws that may present themselves in the future.

16. Warranty

Cummins offers a 10-year unlimited mileage warranty on the engine, which is an incredible bonus that shows how much they stand behind their product and helps you sell your trucks and engines with confidence.

17. Availability

You can find new Cummins ISX Engines for Sale that are available and can be ordered at any time, while in-stock engines can be delivered to you within 24 hours.

The Cummins ISX engine is becoming more popular in the market; many marine and highway companies use this power plant for their trucks. Also, Cummins has made upgrading to the ISX easy with their drop-in conversion kits. The main benefit of using a Cummins ISX engine is that it saves a lot of fuel costs. It is also very durable and time-saving when it comes to maintenance.

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