What Is the Cost of Living in Texas

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Generally, the cost of living is the amount of money you require to spend to reach a particular living level. Texas is a unique area to relocate to. It has beautiful scenery, friendly people, and mild winters. You are probably wondering whether you will be able to afford to live in Texas. Here is a list of regular expenses that you are expected to incur while living in Texas:

Texas’s standard cost of living expenses is lower than the national standard by about 7%, even though everything is bigger there. Alaska is the largest state in the US, followed in second place by Texas. While comparing Texas’s average cost of living with the one for US cities, the US standard percentage is 100%. 

The expenses of Texas include Total expenses at 92.6%, utilities at 103.3%, groceries at 90.8%, housing at 84.4%, healthcare at 94.8%, transportation at 92%, and miscellaneous at 96.7%. The Texas expenses below 100% mean that they are at a lower cost than the average US cities, while above 100% indicates the cost of living is higher.

Housing Costs

In 2021, the prices of median homes were 8% lower than the national median price, at $350,000 in Texas. At the same time, the monthly rent for an apartment with two bedrooms goes at about 4% of the national rate. This is $1,300. In housing costs that fit your budget, Amarillo, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Austin are arranged respectively in the order of the most affordable city in Texas. In addition, they elevate both home prices and rents.

Amarillo’s home price is $213,905, and the apartment rent is 912. San Antonio’s home price is $285,073, and the apartment rent is 1,382. Houston’s home price is $285,073, and the apartment rent is $1,095. Dallas’ home price is $387,379, and apartment rent is 1,598. Austin’s home price is $409,079, and apartment rent is $1,583.


Utility expenses like phone and energy bills are 12% lower than Texarkana’s national standard price and 30% more costly than in the Gulf of Mexico.


They range at around 21% of the national standard in Waco, south Dallas, and 3%

More costly in El Paso, the supermarket chain in San Antonio called H-E-B is way less expensive when purchasing groceries.


Transportation costs for Texas are 22% lower than the national average of Amarillo and just a percentage higher in San Marcos. So try and get the right coverage to keep the transportation expenses low because Texas is a driving state.

Health Care

The cost range in Texas is lower by about 20% in McAllen city and 13% more costly in Dallas.


=Texas does not touch your paycheck for any deduction because it does not have any state income tax. It, however, has a sales tax rate ranging from 6.25% to 8.19%.

Miscellaneous Services And Goods

These are expenses with many goods and services such as restaurant foods, entertainment, clothing, personal care, and other activities. The various cost range in Texas is lower by 21% than the national average of Harlingen and 14% higher in costs than Plano.

As the numbers have proven, it is pretty cheaper on your cost of living to stay in apartments near Texas Tech than in most states in the USA. The main expenses are lower in this state because income taxes are not applicable in Texas, both corporate and income. The majority of the residents can afford to buy a house or rent an apartment comfortably due to the relatively cheaper housing costs.

The city in Texas with the lowest cost of living based on Niche is Wichita Falls, an organization that researches on best areas to stay in. Wichita Falls has an estimated 104,194 people and an average rent of $784. Its home values average is $97 400. Close to half of the residents of Wichita Falls rent their apartments, while the other half own their homes. Wichita aside, other Texas cities that support low-cost living are Amarillo, Beaumont, McAllen, Brownsville, Round Rock, Garland, League City, Fort Wayne, Abilene, and Pearland.

Other factors that you should consider when choosing a city in Texas with a low cost of living are the city’s population and whether it is located in an urban or rural area.

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